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Facing Europe 2020: Key Competences for Youth Work
Start date: 01 Aug 2012,

The TC “Facing Europe 2020: Key Competences for Youth Workers in Non-formal Education” is aimed to support the development of competences of youth workers in non-formal education for increasing the quality of youth projects on a larger scale, enabling them to develop and to run certain local activities in order to translate the learning outcomes of the TC into practice on local level. The activities are based on principles & practice of non-formal learning include. various activities as exercises, simulations, which are creating situations for deeper personal reflection, followed by debriefing, work in small mixed groups, individual work, inputs, presentations & discussion of results, free time activities & intercultural activities. Attending the TC will help the participants – in relation to their personal development as well as the implementation of own local activities in cooperation with their sending organisations and local communities – to increase understanding of what is non-formal education in the context of youth work, to build capacities for developing & implementing youth projects, to explore possible links between youth work, non-formal education and employability/employment of youth people, to share and discuss experiences and to develop partnerships for future action in this field. The intercultural challenge that implies in here, 30 participants from EU27 programme countries will contribute in many ways to the individual learning process of each participant. Based on our experiences made within the last seven years of local and international youth work the TC offers a platform where all participants will learn in an atmosphere of mutual understanding exchanging their knowledge and experiences in the field of international youth work. Last but not least is to get connected and finding synergy-effects between us and new projects under the umbrella of YiA. The TC will take place in Erfurt, Germany from 30.11.2012-09.12.2012.
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