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Facilitating Inclusive Education and Supporting the Transition Agenda
Start date: 01 Nov 2011,

The project will develop a multi-disciplinary learning approach for professionals in education, health and social services in order to facilitate the additional learning and support requirements of children with special needs during periods of transition. Specific Outcomes will include:(1) A sustainable network for all stakeholders who advocate inclusive education and collaborative working(3) A platform for all professionals involved in educating children with special needs. We want to ensure the network is a multi- disciplinary arena to exchange and share experiences in order to meet the needs of children with special needs. Other projects and thematic areas for current and new projects will be core to this exchange of knowledge. (2) Development of Managing Transition Training- 3 modules - Inclusion, Transition, Collaborative Working. The modules will be disseminated on an international level through online e-learning modules and the impact of the training will be measured and communicated to network members(3) Key resources- (1)Transition Resource Pack (designed for professionals and stakeholders who under take training, it will also be a stand alone information document) (2) Transition Starter Kit (designed for parents and pupils) (3) Self – assessment tool (for schools to assess themselves) (4) Participative approach- all stakeholders will be involved in the development of resources, training and quality mechanisms this will help grow and develop the network further. (5) Research- The network will be grounded and validated by a review of current best practice models used in Europe as well as a comprehensive consultation process in 7 EU countries. The network will help policy makers, stakeholders and professionals in the field of education to improve their work with pupils with SEN, to enable collaborative working during critical phases of transition.
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