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Facilitarea tranzitiei de la scoala la viata activa a persoanelor cu dizabilitati mintale accentuate si grave
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Romanian Education is experiencing a lack of opportunities for training in real conditions of work for persons with disabilities, which translates into a low percentage of their employment, about 7.6%. Project Life School 2 starts from common needs identified by the 9 special schools and school inspectorates from Bucharest and Ilfov, organized as a consortium with common strategic goals, with the overall objective of increasing the quality of professional training in special education and facilitating the transition of students with pronounced and severe intellectual disabilities from school to working life by acquiring new skills, increasing autonomy and independence, the formation of active adult life specific behaviors. In this context, the project aims participation of students with disabilities to internships in workshops / protected units within organizations in Portugal and teachers training through participation in "job shadowing" activities in these workshops, to implement in Romania models of good practice identified. The target group consists of 48 students / graduates with pronounced/severe intellectual disabilities from special schools partner in the consortium, 27 teachers with professional development role (teachers who teach subjects from the area "Technologies" / optional disciplines with practical applied character, occupational therapy and teachers with role in educational and professional guidance) and 2 school inspectors and from ISMB and ISJ Ilfov. Specific training needs identified for: Teachers and school inspectors: - The need of empowerment in the organization and development of specific training activities for new occupations - Introducing new optional disciplines in the curriculum with practical-applicative character - The founding of school workshops - PSO optimization services - The need to implement a strategy in the field of professional training for students with disabilities Students: - The necessity to acquire specific professional skills and practicing their new occupations in workshops / protected units - The necessity to broaden the horizon personally and professionally to overcome functional limitations The expected results are: Teachers: In professional field: - 27 teachers with enhanced skills in professional training and PSO field who should implement innovative strategies and specific tools - Two inspectors with enhanced competences in coordination of the strategy implementation of training activities for persons with disabilities - Specific tools for PSO activities - The inventory of occupations for people with disabilities - Good practice guide In institutional and inter institutional field: - 29 experts skilled to facilitate the transfer of European models of good practice in education and training field - The project’s web site - Professional relationships with specific institutions in Portugal In the cultural, linguistic and personal development field: - 29 participants with recognized English skills communication - Intercultural interactions Students with pronounced and severe intellectual disabilities: - 48 students with new skills in various professional occupations - 48 students with enhanced motor and psychomotor skills through participation in specific activities in the workshops / protected units - 48 students with the teamwork skills, professional behavior based on cooperation and collaboration, respect, openness to colleagues and employers - 48 students with enhanced communication skills, improved knowledge about the culture and traditions of the host country The project will last two years and will be held as it follows: - 48 mobility organized in 6 fluxes with 8 students who will participate in professional training internships in 6 workshops / protected units: greenhouse-workshop, garden/parks maintenance workshop, packaging / labeling workshop, cooking workshop, clothing workshop, decoration and hand crafts workshop - 27 mobility organized in 6 fluxes for teachers and 6 mobility for school inspectors, they will participate to job shadowing activities in the workshops / protected units organized for people with disabilities The long-term impact will result in increasing the quality of professional training of students with disabilities, both by achieving goals and exploitation of results at regional level, such as curriculum development in VET through the development of nine optional disciplines, the founding of nine school-workshops in the consortium schools, implementing a strategy for training and professional insertion of students with disabilities and commissioning legislative proposal debate on the founding of protected workshops.
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