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Faces Behind Masks - Back To Vevchani 2010
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

The Carnival of Vevcani is being celebrating for more than 1.400 years on 13 and 14 January (on the eve of the last day of the old and the first day of the New Year, according to the orthodox calendar). The main characteristics of the carnival are the archaic rituals, the mysterious mask and the art of improvisation. The carnival can be described like two days of total freedom, two days full of archaism, secretiveness and improvisation. According to its specific features, it differs from all other carnivals in the world, because it's a massive event in everybody from the village takes part.For the participants coming from different European countries the youth exchange is great opportunity to discover old Macedonian traditions and culture one of the Balkan countries through interactive way - through participation on the carnival. The participants of youth exchange will have unique chance to meet local community, because together with local people-theywill make a tradition alive. All together will take a partHrt-earnival which becomes opportunity to break prejudice and stereotypes on both sides. The participant of youth exchange will discover more about Balkan and people coming from local community will have a chance to discover other European cultures and traditions.The participants from various countries will have the task to create a mask that they will wear on the carnival. The will need create both national and group masks. They will need to go back to their traditions and open their mind to create mask which will be unforgettable. The participants will also work on a photo exhibition that they will prepare during the event. This exhibition will be result of team work, of intercultural exchange of experiences, ideas and spirit.
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