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Being convinced of the benefits healthy eating habits and physical activity offer but noting the everyday temptations and obstacles, the consortium will gather partners’ strengths and will take common action. Through involving all participating schools in activities to promote healthy living in a cross-curricular approach, the partnership aims at reaching 2 major objectives: raising pupils awareness of the need to take care of their health and changing pupil behaviour, i.e. increasing the level of physical activity and adopting conscious eating habits.At kick-off each school will set up a core team of pupils and teachers who will be the project ambassadors, operate locally and communicate and exchange with the partner schools. Within each school a comparative enquiry will be run focusing on sports accommodation and eating and sport habits. Moreover aptitude tests will indicate actual fitness levels. Based on analysis and communication on the results, partners will discuss feasible new measures to take, where possible in common, and existing local activities to participate in, such as sports competitions, start to run activities, healthy breakfasts and mini – olympics.Implementation of these actions throughout the project, will provide pupils and teachers with a range of opportunities to be physically active and be encouraged to make healthy food choices based on an increased awareness and knowledge about health issues.By the project end, the enquiry and aptitude tests will be repeated as to hopefully show improved condition and habits.
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