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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ExtraISchool project will take place in School nr.1 Fundeni, Calarasi County. Fundeni town is faced with a lot of challenges, of which we mention the high number of socially assisted people, under the average national value of the income. The analysis of the fields of development the school has and of the students’ needs and expectations has shown that the main area of focus is: the development of the number and quality of extracurricular activities. These activities work on meeting the development of their horizontal compentences, free time activities, the investment in their passions and talents, lowering absenteism and on long term continuing studies and being prepared for work/university access.The purposes of the project are to develop the compentence of implementing extracurricular activities among the participant teachers in the mobility (through better correlating the extracurricular activity choice and the implied developed competence with students’ needs, through finding out new ideas of extracurricular activities and through having a higher interest and motivation in implementing such activities) and to raise the number of new extracurricular activities implemented by the participant teachers, indirectly raising the number of students benefitting of such activities (each student will participate in at least one). Also, the project aims to develop the quality of activities in “Saptamana Altfel” – Non formal Activities in School Week.The total number of participant teachers is 10, these being the teachers who want the most to develop their activity with students and also to help them develop both personally and other life abilities. The majority of participants will come from rural areas and a part of them will be professionals on the verge of qualifing, debutants for whom the projects will be an excellent training opportunity. The students will participate in this projects by being actively involved in the extracurricular activities and the project team through implementing it.The main activities include: participants selection, finding the training provider and the communication between the two parties, participants training on different levels (linguistic, protection and insurance, intercultural, pedagogy documents research and study etc.) before departure, logistic and practical aspects management by secretary, the training course and mobility, extracurricular activities implementation by the participant teachers (minimum two each and one more during “Saptamana Altfel”), results dissemination, making of a presentation and a brochure including information in the mobility experience and results, extracurricular activities, their promotion among others, obtaining and equalization of Europass Mobility, formative assessment of the project and completing of a questionnaire by the students and teachers with regard to the results, feedback from the project team and all participants, sending out the report and expense account.The results will be measured through the experience and the developed competence of the teachers who will implement new extracurricular activities and will give equal chances to every student to participate. The quality of activities throughout “Saptamana Altfel” will improve. Students will develop their horizontal competences, life skills and will be more motivated by school.On long term, the organizational culture of the school will be more focused on extracurricular activities, students will benefit of more training outside normal school hours annualy and will be more prepared to achieve satisfactory results in school, reach high school/university and find a job. Fundeni School will better fulfill its training mission of young characters and will become a more inclusive and friendly environment for students.
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