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Extension of Cross-Border, Integrated Table Tennis Program for Professional, Amateur and Handicapped Players (Inter Pingpong2)
Start date: Apr 30, 2013, End date: Aug 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the "Inter Pingpong" project accepted in the previous Call for Proposals the two clubs are carrying out a complex table tennis program involving players of all levels (professionals, amateurs, students, recreational players and handicapped players) from both sides of the Hungarian-Serbian border. The managements of the clubs decided to continue the cooperation in a new project 'Inter Pingpong2" for the following reasons.* The clubs wish to extend their cooperation and continue to carry out and improve the joint programs envisaged in the previous project.* Winning an EU grant significantly increased the prestige of both clubs. It also provided a strong motivation for inventing new ideas and programs that - in addition to enhancing cross-border contacts - help the day to day operation of the clubs.The project Inter Pingpong2 shall be an extension of the current project. What is going to be different?1. We shall organize a higher number of professional events (of a smaller scale), in order to increase the frequency of contacts between players on the two sides of the borders.2. The table tennis program for schools of "Inter Pingpong" is very successful. We wish to enhance this program by organizing regular trainings for students in the schools under professional supervison. We shall provide the necessary equipment to those schools that do not have them. Regular training and the availability of adequate equipment shall be a strong motivation for the students and schools to participate in this program. We shall also organize two Serbian-Hungarian Table Tennis Tournaments for Students in Senta and Szeged. The best student players from both Szeged and Senta shall be invited to participate. This will provide an opportunities for students from both sides of the border to get to know with each other, at an age where they are still open-minded and ready to accept new concepts and ideas. Achievements: This project was the continuation of the two clubs previous successful cross-border cooperation program titled Inter Pingpong (HUSRB/1002/222/077) in the 2nd Call for Proposals. The two table tennis sport clubs built their cooperation on the back of the allencompassing characteristic of table tennis: it can be trained professionally, but it can also be a family sport and an intergenerational sport, and it is inclusive in terms of physical ability. The partners from Szeged and Senta wanted to continue and extend the already initiated complex table tennis programme, involving players of all levels (professionals, amateurs, students, recreational players and players with disabilities) from both sides of the Hungarian-Serbian border. The trainings in primary schools were very successful in the previous programme, so the partners maintained this good practice. In Szeged and Szenta the clubs organised regular afternoon table tennis trainings for students in schools followed by a series of Szeged-Senta Table Tennis Tournaments for students. In order to make this sport accessible to as many school children as possible, the clubs provided coaches and equipment for the schoolchildren. The tournaments gave the Hungarian and Serbian students opportunities to compete with each other and establish personal connections. In the course of the project, Open Table Tennis Days were organised twice in Szeged and twice in Senta. Professionals, amateurs and players with disabilities not only had the opportunity to show off their skills, but also to promote in detail the programme and the achieved results to the general public. Additionally, monthly joint training sessions of players belonging to different age brackets were held both in Szeged and in Senta. During joint training sessions the players trained with new partners, which helped increase their motivation and saw them introduced to novel training methods.The partnership did not stop there. They organised Sport Day for People with disabilities, people with impaired movement, with impaired hearing, persons with organ transplants and people with multiple impairments, thus contributing to their inclusion into society by encouraging them to partake in regular sport activities and participate in competitions. Besides these, the partners organised family sporting events, sports meetings for amateurs, and tennis table educators and trainers. The partners also organised a four-day training camp in Senta. This project demonstrates that barriers between people can be surpassed with ease through sport. Engaging in and enjoying a sport activity can bring people together regardless of their nation, gender, age and physical ability.

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