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Express Yourself!
Start date: Jun 6, 2016, End date: Nov 5, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project of the international youth exchange is calling "Express Yourself" is a measure to strengthen the personal development of young people by supporting their activity in the project activities. The exchange coordinated by the Polish group, will be implemented within the period 01-09.2016 r. in Poland, in świętokrzyskie voivodeship, together with the partners from Macedonia, Portugal, Romania and Turkey and there will be 35 participants and their leaders in each group will be 6 young people and 1 leader.Thanks to the mobility of young people, they will be able to meet their peers from countries with different traditions, cultures, religions, from different ethnic groups, which will supported intercultural dialogue and will positively affect the development of tolerant attitudes towards diversity, which is an important aspect of international exchange.The main objectives and the anticipated results of the project, gain through their active participation at every stage of the project are to strengthen the key skills and competencies of youth, mainly interpersonal communication in the foreign language, motivation, goal setting, coping with stress, teamwork; civic competences such as: proactive, self-confidence, to express their own opinions, entrepreneurship, a sense of responsibility for the local communities in which they live, as well as personal development, by creativity, assertiveness and self-management.The participants of the exchange are young people, often students of specific professions, and who will enter the labor market, so it's important to get the soft skills and competencies, so much needed in their personal life, but also in their career.During the exchange will be used method of non-formal education and the youth will be taught by experienced during: thematic workshops, discussions, presentations, focus groups, games, simulations and activities spontaneous relaxing and energizing, and during the coffee breaks and national evenings, dance, creativity and artistic activities.The final effect of youth work in the project will the inspiring calendar containing photos arranged by the youth and showing how they understand the motivating sentences for each month. Youth in international teams will prepare a calendar card with the stimulating sentences, for setting goals for the new year. The product will be released in hard copy and electronic form, so everyone who would like can use it.During the exchange there will be used a method of coaching and leaders and trainers will support young people in this would finally be able, without fear and shyness with confidence "Express Yourself".
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