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" 'Express your message': communication without words"
Start date: Feb 2, 2015, End date: Jul 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

'Express your message': communication without words” is a Youth Exchange which has take place in Paola, Calabria from the 7th till 14th of April 2015. During this Youth Exchange 36 participants from 6 countries (Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland and Spain) have discuss about gestures, signs and symbols as important elements of the European culture. 'Express your message': communication without words” is based on the idea to raise awareness of partner organizations, participants, facilitators, group leaders and the general population, to be aware of being European citizens. Specifically, the project aims to achieve this end through the discovery of the links in the nonverbal expressiveness, which exists between the different cultures that animate the United Europe. The project stands as follow up project of what was done during participation in the Youth Exchange "Spread the Word, feel the World" (April 2014, Edessa, Greece). If the latter has paid particular attention to linguistic differences as cultural enrichment, "Express your message: communication without words” focuses on the value of the gesture, the sign and symbol intended as communicative elements of inherent meaning. The actions are based on non-formal and participation methods. That actions aim to contribute to consolidation of the image of a "Europe based on the shared languages”. Each activity is thus intended to bring out the valuable similarities of young people involved, with the full respect of cultural differences of each, making use of gestural communication and symbolic representation, through mimic -theatrical and pictorial-creative art. Concrete outcome is the creation of a booklet / handbook (as was done in the end of the project in Greece), in which are included the works done during the project activities, including even the logos created to define the values of solidarity and of integration in Europe. The handbook has been offered - and we are still doing it - to decision makers (possible adoption of the logos), to schools and youth community centers, where the various partnership associations are active. The final aim of the project is to try to emphasize the profound link between the population of Europe, encouraging the young participants to reflect on the essential characteristics of European society, in order to contribute to its construction and to take active roles in their communities, with the acquisition of awareness of being European citizens.

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