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Exploring innovative and creative ways of teaching using new tools and methods- ETM

Schools from Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece, Poland and England with students aged 3 - 20+ developed and implemented creative/innovative ICT-based contents using new pedagogies designed to strengthen students learning skills.In Year one teachers from all participating schools shared/developed knowledge, skills and expertise regarding to e-learning materials/methodologies including new ways to use web based tools. There have been training sessions for teachers at different meetings (Coruña, Italy and Germany and in England we reviewed what we had done to date) Teachers and students learned to make blogs, use the e-journal, made Webquests, used Jclick, Hot Potatoes, interactive- Power Point, Front page and Videos. They participated on a collaborative project - A Novel by chapters - “The Secret Formula” in which students of all schools collaborated and produced a wonderful novel. Students participated in a logo contest and chose the project logo. Each participating school with teams of teachers introduced different new types of e-learning materials/methodologies ( a total of 40). Most of the works are published in English and the ones we consider best practice have been translated into partners languages . Each material includes a description form. Each school has tested different materials, produced worksheets and products made by the students who tested them.We have created the project song and it was sung in different languages.In the second year the schools decide on another collaborative project “How to save energy” Each partner produced its own video on how we could save energy in different countries. These were then compiled into one video.Examples of best practise were translated into partner languages and published on project website.
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