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Exploring European history and heritage: Helping educators in secondary schools to teach about European history and heritage from multiple perspectives.
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

In this project we will develop, test and implement an online tool to learn about European history and heritage, tailor made for use in secondary education. The tool will consist of a freely accessible data-base with educational material that is searchable by theme, period and location and is presented in teaching units for one lesson. The material will be designed in such a way, that it is complementary to the history, heritage and geography education curricula and motivates a new generation to learn about Europe. Unique about the tool will be the option to make inter and intra state comparisons and see European history and heritage from multiple perspectives. This tool will make young people aware of the current impact of Europe on their personal lives. The European perspective helps us not only to look at our own past through the eyes of the “other”, but also to understand differences in order to overcome divisions, and to transform history into a workshop of cross-cultural dialogue that examines multiple interpretations of the past instead of one “correct” version of history.The tool will be allow educators to access wealth of material, see the national history in its European context, make comparison and see parallels. The project will promote the use of ICT in secondary education and the creative and innovative use of maps, audiovisual material and interactive sources. The material will be accessible for everybody with an internet connection via the fast fiber connected play-out co-locations of Digital Film Center BV EU. The involvement of experts from Edinburgh University, Erasmus University and the Georg Eckert Institute will ensure the high quality of the educational material. The project results will be implemented in most European countries with help of several European wide umbrella organisations connecting more than 200 museum, teacher and heritage associations.

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