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Exploring European Education- and Labourmarket 2.0
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ROC Leeuwenborgh is a medium sized regional vocational college, situated in the Euregio together with Germany and Belgium. With “Leeuwenborgh makes the difference” a new strategic course has been set in which a contemporary curriculum and personalised learning is provided by indepenent operating training teams. 8.500 students are catered for in this way. Merely the geografic location indicates that ROC Leeuwenborgh has an eye for the functioning of both students and employees in a greater Euregional/economic area. Equipping students for a labour perspective elsewhere is one of the givens for each training team when planning and formalizing the named curricula based on the principle of personalised learning.For this call ROC Leeuwenborgh again expects an increase in students opting for an international internship (iBPV). This is the result of knowledge sharing/knowledge dissemination when returning from their internship. Students declare that they have become multilingual and intercultural more competent and that they have passed through a strong personal and professional growth. At the same time the training teams are inspired to give an impulse to the quality of the internship by taking steps in the field of ECVET. This entails achieving strict appointments with partners (ROC Leeuwenborgh’s main partners are businesses and companies) concerning the attainable results/ activated competences. Engineering is leading in the field of limited application of the ECVET principles. Participating in numerous European projects (TOI’s) have accomplished this. Engineering training teams act as buddies in this area in our ROC.In this call the mobility of emplyoees will likewise be oriented on the principles of ECVET and the drawing up of workable learning agreements (Logistics and the Work&Internship office). In May 2017 the Work&Internship Office (BW&S) will meet (11 participants) Spanish colleagues and examine the relationship with trade and industry on the spot. The translation from practice into internal activities and the input from trade and industry in education are the essence of the study tour. This tour is origanally planned for Call 2016 but has been taken forward to May 2016. In March 2017, 12 participants from the Logistics department will visit the Logitic Center in Zaragoza (Spain) and share curricula, examine teacher exchange and short-term customized logistic courses. The results of the study tours will undoubtly have consequences for the further development of the logistic courses on offer in our ROC. Preparations with partnerschool CPIFP Los Enlaces are up and running. A counter visit has been planned. There were more applications for mobility for Call 2016 but taking into consideration the thorough preparation, these have been moved to Call 2017.For our ROC “EEELM2.0” (Exploring European Education- and Labourmarket 2.0) entails that Erasmus activities will form a ‘normal and regular’ part of personalised learning and thus will fit the professionalisation of employees. Our existing netwerk in Europe will be strengthened and extended with new, trustworthy partners. In the long- term this means that ROC Leeuwenborgh follows the European line: international internship and teacher exchange based on learning-agreements with regular partners in a stable structure.Where possible will be worked towards a Memorandum of Understanding.
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