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Start date: Jun 4, 2015, End date: Dec 3, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Explorando” is an intercultural exchange which foreses the participation of 30 young people, even better described as: 1) Students, boys and girls, aged 18-25 year old, attending University, therefore following a formal study path but also loving the informal learning typical of youth associations and the workshops organised by them. In this intercultural exchange the youth interests and needs orbit the themes of health, well-being and interculture meant also as future occupation on the long run, hopefully after the University. 2) Students, boys and girls, aged 18-25 year old, who have completed their statutory education and are now searching for an occupation or are carrying out temporary or seasonal jobs and are actively participating in the associational life and its workshops. In this intercultural exchange the youth interests and needs orbit the themes of health, well-being and interculture meant also as future occupation on the short and medium run. The partnership of this project is composed of 6 organizations coming from 6 Programme Countries: Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania & Turkey. The place of the exchange is San Giorgio del Sannio, in the province of Benevento, a town in a rural area, 55km from Naples, in the South of Italy, chosen to host this project for 11 days from 19 to 29 August 2015. The themes chosen are: 1) "Health & Well-Being" because everybody's priority is to be well in terms of health both physically and mentally. In this respect with the other partners we have come up with culinary workshops where to learn and teach the healthiest and tastiest meals from the partnership countries. In most afternoons, then, every partner is ready to implement their workshops concerning well-being, physical activities involving more movement such as yoga, dance, environmental theatre and volunteering, toponomastic researches with interviews, singing and body percussion. In other words a youth exchange of hobbies and passions. 2) "Creativity & Culture" as we are willing to know all the cultures involved in the exchange through evenings spent together which are dedicated to each country and association are highlighted through videos, games and activities whose aim are to clarify stereotypes and intercultural prejudices. We would like, then, to reproduce traditional and modern atmospheres of our countries to show who we are. This justifies the central role of "Creativity": both to realise and implement the activity for the excahnge and to create new ones on the spot in italy for the local public event, a way to involve our community of San Giorgio del Sannio and explain our project. We would like to get in touch with the creativity of 2 more local associations where young people properly and steadily work; this could help us trigger our working chances. Finally the objectives, identified in our partnership in accordance also with the objectives of this Erasmus+ Key Action, are to: 1. Take care of the psycho-physical well-being of the young particpant through health, well-being and inter-culture workshops. 2. Break stereotypes and shed light on the realities of the partner countries and associations. 3. Offer participants opportunities to di prepare, implement and evaluate group activities also for future working purposes. 4. Inform participants about further opportunities abouth the Erasmus+ Programme, with special focus to Youth (exchanges, voluntary work and trianing courses), but also about other opportuniites to study abroad ( University Erasmus ) of carry out some some working apprentiship or vocational trainings abroad (VET). 5. Spread healthy values such as respect for the diversity, brotherhood, social inclusion, sharing and common well-being. 6. Promote the non formal learning which operates on the youth activation and self-awareness. 7. Take care of the follow-up of this exchange by creating new activities and initiatives which may meet our future ambitions. To ensure that participants can learn proficuously, we will adopt the "Experiential Learning Methodology", also known as the "Learning by Doing Methodology". The theoretical discussion follows the activities, so the participants can be spontaneous in all the activities and workshops as they used to do when they were children. In that phase, the direct experience of the happenings determined the first and deepest learning. Unlike then and better than then, after the activities, in the reflections and evaluation, the experiential learning adds intellectual and analytical tools to guarantee awareness of growth. The"Experiential Learning Methodology" will stem, then, into the "Educator to Learner" and the "Peer to Peer" Methodologies.
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