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Experts in education reflect by telling stories
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

Society is going through profound changes, and the process of transformation is bringing new challenges for the educational sector: migration and integration, working schedule flexibility and mobility, increasing number of children with adjustment disorders and development conditions are some of the most challenging questions for education professionals. At the same time research has proven impressively that early childhood education is the most important time to initiate a healthy development and effectively prevent development problems. In this context, the role of kindergarten teachers and day mothers is a most crucial one, as they have to master the ever harder task of raising healthy, socially competent and capable young people. In this sense, it is unacceptable that these professionals belong to the ones with the lowest opportunities for professional development and continuous education and training. Moreover the ever-growing complexity of today’s society leads to more insecurity about the correct educational behaviour. Furthermore the link to experienced education and present demands is not always apparent. EXPERTS want to develop a continuous training environment for early childhood education professionals. The approach of the proposed project is based on a storytelling methodology. Kindergarten teachers and day mothers are invited to tell stories about their experiences as a child, how they were brought up on the one hand as well as stories from their own professional routine on the other hand. Writing down their stories and experiences will make them explicitly and implicitly aware of patterns and difficulties, which correlae to their own childhood experiences. Furthermore these stories can serve as a basis for exchange and discussion on educational issues with other kindergarten teachers and what they can learn from their peers’ experiences. Discussion facilities will be offered within a forum supervised by experts.
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