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Experiences for learners and staff of health care and social professions abroad
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is designed for students, teachers and instructors of the schools of the IB-GIS Medical Academy, who has schools in the field of healthcare and social professions nationwide in Germany. For the students, group stays are planned with a group size of 8-10 participants and a duration of 2-4 weeks in relevant bodies of their future profession such as clinics, rehabilitationcenters, kindergartens, schools etc. in European countries and in Turkey. The students are accompanied by teachers of the school to guarantee the quality of the internship abroad. For the teachers, stays of 2-5 days are intended in facilities of the professional environment as well as on relevant educational institutions in other European countries and in Turkey. Target of this stay abroad is the professional training, knowledge about healthcare professions in other countries and possibilities of comparison. In the personal exchange and while the study visits, the teachers can transfer their own expertise and in the same time they can collect new knowledge from the visited institution. The main objective of this project is to meet the increasing demands of international networking and globalisation in the healthcare and social professions through knowledge transfer. Another valuable aspect, which can be used from the experiences from abroad for the own work, is the acquisition of cultural background knowledge for dealing with patients with a migrant background in Germany. Last but not least allows the knowlege and the compare of the own profession abroad the reflection about the education in Germany and gives valuable impulses to the extension or alteration of the content of the training. In addition to the professional exchange and acquisition of new knowledge a stay abroad promotes whatever individual personality development and expands the own linguistic horizons. Participants are 164 students in the field of healthcare and social professions of the IB-GIS Medical Academy, as well as 16 staff members of these schools. The project runs in phases with preparation of participants, mutual acquaintance, observation, guided phase, independent action under supervision and evaluation, accompanied by excursions and study visits in other facilities in the own department. Concerning the teachers, the phase of the autonomous action is replaced by the intensive professional exchange. In addition to the above mentioned results serves the project to consolidation of the own professional image abroad, to the extension of the technical and language skills and to the awakening of interest as well as the reduction of uncertainties and fears against other cultures and to a possible professional activity abroad in the future. Ultimately serves this project to improve the quality of education and professional activity in healthcare and social professions in all participating countries. In total the project serves for a better qualification of students and thus increase their personal career opportunities. In relation to the teachers the professional exchange sponsers the personal and professional development and in a long term the quality of education improves by new impulses.

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