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Experience with young people on the street
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For several years, Skala – Youth Street Education's mission has been to informally educate youth in Fužine and, more recently during the last year, also in Kodeljevo or Vodmat (all in Ljubljana). Activities include various games, creative, technical, cooking and other workshops and stories provided thereby. Our project is relevant for involving a large number of children, youth and their parents, in many cases those experiencing issues or deprived in life. The area mentioned above is inhabited by a large number of immigrants stemming from other republics of the former Yugoslavia. Our main activities which serve to support and informally educate youth are: Mobile Youth Centre – youth centre and Minibus of Joy, Creative Youth Centre – youth centre and Minibus of Joy, Music Band (“Bend”), Fuskabo circus group, football training, events: Fužine Feast, Parents' Day, Chestnut Picnic, End of School Year Event, New Year's Eve Party, summer and winter camps and holiday programmes. Skala's activities are run by its employees assisted by local volunteers. The organisation seeks to host at least one EVS volunteer on an annual basis as they always provide a richness to our activities. It is for that reason that all our activities are included in the application as part of one single project. Skala is a highly specific organisation which seeks to offer all volunteers as much as possible. In addition to have the EVS volunteer become familiar with our culture, learn the local language, gain experience and make contact with local people, our most important objectives are that the volunteer learns to plan, prepare, carry out and evaluate various workshops that form part of an activity. The ultimate objective is for the EVS volunteer to gain sufficient experience in time to be able to run his/her own workshops and to motivate youth to participate therein. Given the diversity and sheer number of workshops that form part of our activities, Skala has opted for two volunteers to support one another. This number of volunteers will also enable us to provide a volunteering opportunity to volunteers of both genders. EVS volunteers shall meet only one criterion: that is, that they find pleasure in working with youth. No other conditions shall apply. Our objectives shall be met by making use of various methods: Work methods that serve to meet objectives set: a) one-on-one work: one-on-one work with a youngster (counselling discussions, informal conversations, the volunteer seeks sources of strength in children and youth they work with and promotes their talents, provides support activities to their youngster) b) work with the youngster's family: in the presence of the youngster/in the absence of the youngster (discussions with parents regarding what has been observed by the youngster, parental counselling, informing, support) c) group work: group work with youth (leisure time structured and guided activities: learning through workshops (sports, cultural, creative, technical, practical, psychological and social, gardening, discussion, competitive and social workshops), group games (sports, board, competitive, research, orientation games, quizzes, mind games), organised self-image and self-esteem promoting activities: public speaking, talent development through extra-curricular activities, acquisition of social and functional skills, camps, excursions d) preparing for carrying out an activity with children and youth Expected results are related to the above-mentioned objectives, any and all other achievements of the EVS volunteer throughout his stay in Slovenia constitute added value. All objectives and achievements cannot be foreseen in advance therefore only the basic and most relevant ones have been set. The long-term effect experienced by our organisation lies in the legacy left by the volunteer, in the knowledge he/she brings with him/her from his/her homeland, and in gaining experience which is of great relevance in supporting new EVS volunteers. The long-term effect experienced by the volunteer obviously constitutes the greatest effect as he/she is extremely involved in his/her work and gains a lot of new knowledge that he/she can use on a personal level or can share it with the organisation that has sent him/her to Skala. All of us, either the organisation or individual, always gain something from our collaboration.
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