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Start date: Feb 15, 2015, End date: Jun 15, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

According to applicant organization youngster’s self-analysing skills are poor. Youngster learn new skills and get new knowledges about themselves but they don’t acknowledge these things to themselves. Self-analyse skill is important because it helps to understand better who we are and what are we capable of. Also members of the applicant organization find that it’s natural for people to make mistakes, but often nobody learns from their mistakes because they don’t know how to analyse their actions. Young people need to find their skills, they have to appreciate their skills. Also they need to analyse and understand what abilities they should develop more and what abilities are they good at. Analysing own skills and acknowledging them help youngsters to understand what they are capable of. The ohter important issue for applicant organisation and partners is youngsters unemployability. Young people are not enough self-confident and proficient to share their skills and knowledges. But these two things are really important when they try to find a job. Applicant organisation finds that when youngsters are able to bring out their strenghts and weaknesses and know, what are their development opportunities, then they know better what are they capable of. That helps to grow youngsters self-confidence and bolder stance when they try to find a job. The main goal of the project ELLE is to show to participants how important it ist o analyse their actions and what they can learn through analyse. Also the aim is to show participants how šelf-analyse skill can help them with job search. Main workmethod during the project is adventurous methods. Through adventurous activities participants experience new situations. Experiencing unknown situations we need to calculate risks and our competences. Through that it is possible to experience success or failure. Adventure activities often create similar situation with work interview – applicant will become nervous, their hands will shake and overcoming the fear demands concentration. So, trying adventurous activities and analysing them helps participants to understand what kind of emotions they can experience during the work inteview and how they can control these emotions. In a youth Exchange there will be 25 participants from five country – Estonia, Belgium, Turkey, Italy and Romania. Participants are aged 22-28. Five of them are group leaders. 10 of participants are NEET-youngsters. The applying organisation is in heavy contact with the partners. All the group leaders took part of the process of creating the daily program. The applying orgasnisation focuses on the contentment of the partners, giving them an opportunity to organise, carry out and influence the activities of the project. In addition to that, the applying organisation provides advice and necessary information. Though-out the project, the aim of the project is emphasised. By the end of the project participants will prepare a teaching video how and through what kind of activities youngsters developed their self-analyse skill. After the project youngsters are more šelf-counscious and they are more able to adabt with new situations in their everyday- and worklives. Since there are several workshops and group exercises through-out the project, then the participants have an excellent opportunity to work together and communicate with the youth with different background. This will both expand their knowledge of other cultures and enhance the chances of future collaboration.
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