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Expanding Culture Together
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

This project includes in total 38 volunteers. One big group of 18 volunteers will leave to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to work with less priveleged children. The impact of a big group for the local community and for the volunteers is big. They learn as a group, as an individual and aş part of a different culture. Twelve volunteers will leave to a small vilage close to Kampala the capital of Uganda where they will work at three different projects with Ugandan youth. First a group of six volunteers will leave the give a helping hand at a school, a sport academy and an orhange for abondend children. After six months they live and a new group of six volunteers will arrive to continue the work of the first group of volunteers. At last a group of 8 volunteers will leave to China, Houma for six months to work at an orphanage for Chinese orphins. Also in these activity there will leave a group of 4 volunteers for half a year, crossing the other group of four volunteers in China.All the volunteers will come from Europe (The Netherlands) and they will be living examples of cooperation with the European Union. In addition, the volunteers will fight stereotypes by leading through example. They will show that Europeans now are different than those of'the historical slave period, value children with disabilities and low education on an equal basis to 'normal' children and are interested in cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. The volunteers will promote volunteer work abroad, and through their experiences become more active citizens. Returning to their home countries they will understand the value of community development, have a better understanding of their own culture, and be interested in furthering their personal development

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