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Exp rimentation du Management Interculturel et Environnemental dans les Etablissements scolaires

The goal of this project is to build the capabilities of school heads (principals, headteachers) on the environmental and intercultural management of educationalinstitutions. The specific aim is to draw up, test and validate an e-Learning and on-sitetraining programme for 150 heads of Italian, Bulgarian, Maltese, Portuguese, Romanianand Turkish teaching establishments on the environmental and interculturalmanagement of a school. Key concepts: intercultural management, environmentalmanagement, corporate social responsibility. Target groups: head teachers and schoolprincipals.The activities, conducted in 4 phases, cover training in national languages, strategiccampaigns to provide information, educate and raise the awareness of school managersto eco-intercultural management, education enhancement activities, particularly byusing publication strategies (producing a teaching manual on the subject, guides,articles in scientific reviews, and so on) in national languages; preparing managementplans in 150 educational establishments within the seven partner countries.Expected results:- R1: bolstering the target groups' skills and capacities to analyse, coordinate,plan, and manage a school sustainably in the areas of environmental andintercultural management and responsibility towards society.- R2: strengthening the capacities of the target groups to bring aboutsustainable development and intercultural dialogue, use innovative teachingtools and open the school to society;- R3: exchanging best practices and pilot initiatives, especially among thedifferent institutions and structures working in the fields of education, training,and production of teaching tools (publications, multimedia) to ensure thatresults can be disseminated and spread;- R4: drawing up sustainable school management plans and applying them inconsultation with all the stakeholders (school staff, parents of pupils, regionalinstitutions)Training language: Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, Turkish, Romanian, Maltese, Portuguese(translation of training content into all seven languages)Planned impacts: modernisation of school management practices by making a specificcontributing through intercultural and environmental management. Heads of institutionswill become familiar with environmental management, corporate social responsibilityand intercultural communication. They will learn to draw up a school assessment and toprepare a teaching programme that takes account of climate change and the effects ofglobalisation.
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