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EXIT: Europeans For Inclusive Techniques. A way out of educational disadvantage, for foreign Students
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "Ambito Territoriale Monza e Brianza”.(hereinafter AT Monza e Brianza) is a local Entity, that represents the Italian Ministry of Education in its Territory, that is the Province, the name of which it holds. Together with a net of eleven schools that foster the European culture, it has designed a 24-months training plan for 11 Digital Promoters, 6 School Principals, 1 Technical Assistant, 2 Administrative Directors and 6 Teachers. 1The project meets the requirements that all the eleven schools share, that is innovating teaching through ICTs, to make them more inclusive and open to internationalization, but also to motivate students and so, prevent them from early school leaving. Above all, the project is meant to enhance educational success in risk groups, such as foreigners, refugees and immigrants, by giving specific training to digital promoters and staff. The schools belonging to the Consortium, thus, present a KA1 Project that, in accordance with the so called National Plan for Digital Schools(hereinafter PNSD), is based on the following common actions: 1) to achieve all the objectives contained in the PNSD and maximize the value of the capital equipment previously allotted by the Ministry of Education, to digitalize schools and all the procedures in formal, non-formal, informal education. Education and learning can be modernized only through innovation, which will make possible to develop each European citizen's own entrepreneurship , and to build up a new, open minded and competitive school system, under the recently promulgated Law 107/2015.Besides, the Consortium will give to the trained staff and, consequently, for a positive spillover, to its students, the opportunity to pool experiences through the OER, Open Educational Resources, that will allow them to digitally share knowledge, for free.2) to implement the policies for Education and competences of Europe 2020, with special regards to the digital ones, considered key points for social inclusion. That, by means of a new, reinforced teaching methodology, based on computational thinking and digital citizenship. The selected activities are: training courses abroad, for teachers and administrative staff, study visits for School Principals, and peer review (job shadowing) for teachers, too. The expected impact will be multi-layered: it will influence the educational environment at a personal, local, regional, national and European level. To achieve the objectives of the PNSD, the Consortium will create a learning and research community, to develop the best practices on using ICTs in teaching. The spill-over effects on students are granted. They will be more motivated to learning, through modern, innovative paths, based on the newly acquired practices. Using ICTs to grant access to education to everybody, schools will become more inclusive. An assessment plan, based on the five WH Questions, plus “How”, will be set and supported by a complete dashboard of performance indicators, that will measure achievement of objectives, results obtained and participants’ satisfaction. Right from the kick-off of the project, AT Monza e Brianza will start a dissemination plan, based on relevant Annex of the ERASMUS+ Guide, that will work during and after the end of the project, and will be divided in three stages: spill-over staff training activities; informing the involved stakeholders; making families and the social community aware of the project. The means for dissemination will be the blog of the net: , together with the web pages of the local Deputy Office of the Ministry of Education (Ambito Territoriale di Monza e Brianza), in connection with the Regional one (Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per la Lombardia). As far as sustainability of the project is concerned, it will be granted by the net of the schools that foster the European culture. The net, with the organizational support and the pro-bono work of AT Monza e Brianza, will open several help-desks in the schools of the province, to assist them in their internationalization activities. Thanks to the staff trained by means of the project, AT Monza e Brianza will implement the use of ICTs creating a team disseminate the good practices. Besides, The Office will organize blended training courses, not only in its territory, but also in Lombardy, together with focus groups and workshops on the subject, as a follow-up for teachers, and Technical Assistants of the so called AR02 professional area.
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