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Start date: 07 Jul 2016, End date: 06 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lately we increasingly hear and read the term "smart grid", which is the evolution of existing electricity networks. Smart grids allow more efficient use of existing installed capacity and transportation infrastructure and distribution of energy with lower intensity of greenhouse gas emissions. They will also facilitate the expansion of renewable energy, using photovoltaic and wind turbines. With smart grids, you can connect areas of high demand, such as Central Europe, to areas with great potential in renewable energy, such as South Europe or North Africa, and offer a more sustainable energy production and profits for all. Smart grids use modern digital technology and advanced computer algorithms for intelligent control of energy flow. Combined with smart metering systems, the smart grid can automatically monitor the energy consumption, based on procedures established by the energy policy of the client. They use that information technology and telecommunications to make the collection of information on their operation, processing of this information and taking a decision / a measure for optimization of operation. So the 3 EPAL ATHINON responding to the above developments, and taking into account the strong need that exists for qualified personnel on the installation of smart electricity grids so that students can cope with the demands of the labour market, proposed the project with the purpose to satisfy the participants needs:- Providing the necessary technical knowledge, based on the forthcoming upgrading of energy infrastructures in the context of the implementation of smart energy networks (Smart Energy Grids) and the liberalized energy market,- Presentation of applications of smart grids, which use modern global trends and innovations, integrating optimally, dispersed production loads and RES. The "Smart electricity transmission networks" project is submitted by 3 EPAL ATHINON and for students in the sectors of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. The 42 students and four escorting teachers are expected to visit Cyprus and Germany for 15 days. The host organisations that will assist in the implementation of the mobility will be the EDEX - Intercollege (college with established reputation in higher education offering unique educational opportunities for students through well-equipped laboratories) and uve GmbH (recognized education and training provider for implementation of EU mobility programs) respectively. The program aims to provide the necessary technical knowledge, building on the forthcoming upgrading of energy infrastructures in the context of the implementation of smart energy networks (Smart Energy Grids) and the liberalized energy market. Specifically, participants will be:- Meet the EU energy policy,- Understand the operation of electricity networks,- Familiarize themselves with the technical knowledge required for the implementation of smart grids,- Manage technical equipment and know the technical specifications to be met,- Recognize the benefits of installing a smart grid,- Approaching the bridges from current to future smart grids,- Know the ways of use and energy storage derived from loads dispersed generation and RES,- Analyse smart grid applications. At the end of the implementation of the proposed project we expect to achieve multiplier effects and benefits, both for participants and for sending/host organisations. The expected results for the participants are identified in the acquisition of competences and skills:- Be able to meet the new requirements of energy policy,- To know the functioning of existing electricity networks,- Implement the necessary installation steps of a smart grid,- Incorporate units producing new technologies and RES using ICT and Internet,- Know practices of smart grid applications,- To carry out replacement of conventional meters with new smart meters, strategic investment that will provide new jobs,- To understand and ensure the security of personal data of consumers, according to those set by European legislation,- To understand the environmental impact of the introduction of smart grids and the need to protect the environment.
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