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Exchanges for All
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Exchanges for All" (EFA) is applying for 141.655 € for a 2 -year long strategic research, development- and networking project involving 8 significant organisations from 6 countries in South-Baltic region (DE, DK, PL, LT, LV & SE), who all have cooperated previously on implementing art-based youth-exchanges following the methodology from 15 years experience in the European network "Drums for Peace". "Exchanges for All" want to reserach on the learning outcome from participating in such exchanges and has as one Danish partner a research-team from UCSJ-University College Zealand (DK) and as another DK-partner Center for Education (CFU) in Guldborgsund City Hall (DK), who will secure the dissemination of the project-results to local schools, as well as to Danish Ministry of Education and to other municipalities especially in Region Zealand. The project-coordinator, CultHus - the culture-houses of Guldborgsund Municipality, has many years experience from especially implementing youth-exchanges and will now work on developing a low-cost model for youth-exchanges that can be exported to the schools in order to implement exchanges in school-time as an integrated part of the curriculum for all 8th grade students. "Exchanges for All" has beyond the 2 research/development parts also 4 transnational meetings, 1 training-course and one youth-exchanges + a row of dissemination conferences. In order to research on the learning-outcome from the youth-exchanges it is necessary to train school-teachers/group-leaders to be able to assist with the project-research and eventually test the participating students before and after taking part in the exchange. All partners (Except UCSJ & CFU) do also have project task as for example of identifying in own region possible exchange-venues as well as schools that are interested in using youth-exchanges as a learning tool, and this will be the platform for both a database open to all interested, and for an immediate project use from 3 Guldborgsund schools, who have cooperated with CultHus on such during the last 2 years. The 3 Guldborgsund schools are themselves applying to Erasmusplus: Comenius-school-partnership together with 9 other schools in same cities in LV, LT, PL & SE, and this project "IDALT - International Dimension as a Learning Tool" will examine how the teachers in their daily work can use the fact that they are going to participate in a youth-exchange together with their students and together with young people from 3 other countries. All project results will be described and explained in EN, DE, DK, LV, LT, PL & SE at homepage and a video (with subtitles) & DVD + booklet in EN and will be available a the many decentral dissemination conferences in April 2016. Besides this the project results will be disseminated via members of Drums for Peace (17 members in 12 countries) and via UBC-Union of Baltic Cities, which has more than 100 member-cities in the 10 countries, which are surrounding the Baltic Sea.
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