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Exchanges around Femtosecond Laser Applications in Glasses (e-FLAG)
Start date: Nov 8, 2010, End date: Nov 7, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The concept is to collect the best researchers on the topic of the interaction of femtosecond laser with glasses for discussion and exchanges. On the other hand, it is to train students and young researchers on one of the most promising new research field which is the 3D local shaping of linear and non linear optical properties in glasses; the knowledge of the expert being shared with the novices. The development of femtosecond laser has prompted the investigation of many nonlinear physical phenomena, such as multiphoton induced reactions, plasma formation and avalanche ionisation in glasses. Today’s ultrafast laser systems offer thus a myriad of material interactions such as 3D refractive index change internal patterning, annealing and micromachining but now other properties are aroused like oxydoreduction, chirality, non-reciprocal writing, self-assembled sub-wavelength structures, nanocluster structuration. These interactions exhibit enormous potentialities in the development of a new generation of components for photonics, optical telecommunication and high power laser. No other technique holds such potential for 3D shaping the linear and non-linear optical properties of optical glasses on demand and thus to realize 3D multi-component photonic devices, fabricated in one single step in a variety of transparent materials. All these qualities let us foresee a considerable and innovative development of the femtosecond laser writing technology in glasses. It is obvious that this new technology will be a source of employment in the next 10 years. We can thus predict a need of knowledge exchange and personnel training. Strength of scientific exchanges has thus to be increased in this research area. In the course of this, consistent views can be produced on the fundamental process for fostering new developments. In the same time, we can expect render easier applications already identify but also stimulate the creation of new original devices and new functions.
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