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eVV - endoVascularVision: new endoscopic tools for real time vascular assisted vision (ENDO-VV)
Start date: Sep 1, 2010, End date: Aug 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"One of the main goals in endoscopic surgery is to improve reproducibility and safety by means of computer assisted systems to improve the surgeon’s vision. The main objective of this Transfer of Knowledge action is to conduct a common research programme leading to the development of new endoscopic assisted vision tools for real time enhanced identification of blood vessels (vascular vision). To this end, an intersectorial research programme is proposed, in which we will combine knowledge and expertise from two biomedical research groups with a company with high-level technological know-how in photonics. The project will structure the necessary transfer of knowledge to make possible the research needed to achieve the goals of the project. The medical groups will contribute with a high expertise in research models of endoscopic surgery, know-how in digital analysis of medical images, and a huge clinical workload allowing to test and refine the clinical solutions proposed. These will be combined with advanced technical support and the technologies recently developed within the biomedical company, to bring proof of principle models to real clinical tools. A common space for intersectorial research will be created. The programme involves an intensive component of bidirectional secondments of existing researchers together with new recruitments of experienced researchers to reinforce our skills in specific fields. The development of the technological solutions proposed will represent a major breakthrough in endoscopic imaging, with clear benefits to medicine and health technology. The solutions developed would find immediate applications in medicine, and the company is firmly interested in bringing innovations into current clinical devices. The proposed research would represent a significant increase for European RTD and the competitiveness of the groups and researchers participating in the programme."

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