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EVS volunteers as a example of good impact of diversity and "strangers" for community -on contrary to common fears against emigrants and refugees in Poland, especially in local communities.
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

EVS as an example of good influences diversity and "foreign" to the community - Contrary to widespread fears of immigrants and refugees in Poland, especially in local communities.1 Changing the way of thinking residents of our community about foreigners from "alien, suspicious, threatening" to "well-known, well-liked, and helpful" through the daily work of volunteers with disabled people and youth.2 Presentation by reliable eyewitnesses (including volunteers from Macedonia, Turkish border with Syria), secondary school students, middle schools and primary real problems of refugees and ways to help them, through daily participation of volunteers from the "frontier" regions in the life of schools and community centers.3 The change in approach to life antisocial people who do not have hope for a positive future both among Polish youth and volunteers (people from dysfunctional families, poor, demoralized). Showing them the opportunity to change this approach and ways of implementing plans and dreams. We prove to young people that have the capacity and ability to change their difficult situation, but also to help others. We get this effect by comparing the situation and the scale everyday problems of volunteers with the problems of the disabled, the homeless, the unemployed children and dysfunctional families. We will systematically carry out an evaluation of these problems and encourage them to actively participate in the life of the local community.4 Increasing knowledge of English is an objective which is always important and always achieved (both for volunteers, but especially for small communities).5 As psychologists, journalists and educators, working by choice in the field of non-formal education, we want to awake in all people need to think critically about the reality surrounding them. The need to have its own assessment, considers the ability of independent judgment possible. It is a difficult process, in addition to bearing the risk for the people who run it - and so for us - the organizers projects. We accept criticism with humility, because we want to prevent inhibited the intellectual development of our volunteers.2 The number and profileThe project involves 4 has long been cooperating in projects EVS organizations Polish- Foundation Mobile Poles in the role of coordinator, MSPDiON, Municipality of Milicz, County Milicz, and 4 foreign organizations having experience working with immigrants / refugees, "difficult" youth. The project will be attended by eight volunteers, two from each organization. Profile of an ideal volunteer: a person open to new experiences, consistent, responsible, hardworking, creative, capable of self-reflection, having previous experience as a volunteer, knowledge about the situation of refugees / immigrants / people with disabilities, or people who are excluded in any other way in their country.3 MethodologyWorking methods of informal and non-formal education - Based on practice, experience and student activity. Performance of his / invented their tasks, practical action. Applying the principle of "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, let me participate and understand." The partnership is a student - teacher: less formal, focused on cooperation and mutual activity. "Teacher," not only transmits knowledge but is also a tutor guide. The learning process is flexible and adapted to the needs of the student. That student to a large extent determines its shape, direction and pace. Volunteers will co-decision significantly shaped their volunteering. They will be equal partners.4 Results and influence:1. Building effective co-operation between Polish organizations and organizations from countries that already have experience of working refugees.2 Taming of the term "refugee" in the local community.3 Limitation of radicalization among young people.4 Improving language skills.5 Long-term benefits.1 Turn the developed results and ideas into the realities of the organization coordinating and disseminating their partner through social media.2. Permanently changing attitudes hostile and conservative to open in the local community.
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