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EVS: stand up for Education
Start date: Jan 1, 2013,

"EVS: stand up for Education" was an EVS group project in the field of international cooperation and awareness-raising initiatives launched by FOCSIV to contribute to Children rights, Cooperation development in the Developing Countries and European awareness (values and active citizenship). In particular, FOCSIV aimed at developing a culture of solidarity among young people in order to promote active citizenship and contribute to a new welcoming European society where the needs of the poorest are satisfied and where tolerance, respect and nonviolence are at the foundation of the European community and its international role.The project involved a total number of 15 volunteers for a 12 months activities in Kosovo and Peru, and for a shorter period (3 months) in Brazil, from January 1st to December 31st, 2013. The project objective was to better children’s condition, strengthening the Hosting Organization activities in the field of Children care and rights. In particular, volunteers were involved in school support, play and recreational activities, home care for children in need, personal/economic and family support, according to their own attitudes and personal interests.FOCSIV based the project methodological approach on experiential learning and protagonism of volunteers in all the activities and in the project creative stages. Volunteers discovered the importance of intercultural dialogue, personal entrepreneurship and creativity in the implementation of the activities. They learned also to put themselves in somebody else's shoes, sensing the need of more solidarity and mutual help in society. Eventually EVS volunteers got aware of their self-learning process and acquired skills and competencies useful for their future job, cultural background and personal maturity. At the end of the service period, the demanded 14 Youthpass certifications attest these competences and learning according to the European eight key competences.
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