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EVS - path to Roma youth inclusion
Start date: Feb 22, 2015, End date: May 21, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Exclusion without doubt is a common concern for European society. This is also a huge problem in Macedonia where in our daily routines we can find a lot of evidence of cultural misperceptions, discrimination and intolerance. Most of the Roma young people live in isolated regions or in economically disadvantaged areas.Roma face particular problems, because they belong to communities which, due to historical or cultural factors, have their own culture and traditions. They are often facing a number of different insecurities in their lives at the same time, for example: unemployment, discrimination and isolation; or inadequate housing, health problems and inconsistent education and training. They often face a combination of problems which makes their situation extremely complicated and often suffer from the community’s prejudices and stereotypes and face persistent discrimination, racism and far-reaching social inclusion. The long term project: "EVS – path to Roma youth inclusion" promotes the notion that involvement of European volunteers in the youth work at local level that challenge the social stigma towards the Roma as minority group, provide mutual learning situation where local and European volunteers can experience and increase their knowledge about issues such as: equality and cultural diversity topic of in modern Europe and develop self-esteem and ability of self-empowerment skills. The process of Roma inclusion requires building trusting relationships with young people with Roma and Non Roma origin. This implies that when young people work, organize, socialize and educate together, they are becoming agents and promotors of Europeans values at the local level. In this sense Roma Youth Centre encourages Roma and Non Roma young people to implement European values and opportunities with active role and different approach in dealing with prejudice, to learn how to show youth that they are part of European culture and they can create future society based on democracy and European citizenship. By involving international volunteers in the work with youngsters with fewer opportunities in Macedonia we aim to contribute to raising awareness of the mentioned values among young Europeans and at the same time bring the European experience and perspective to the local level. The project will involve Germany and France volunteers who will be hosted by Roma youth Centre for 10 months duration. The volunteers will be able to develop their personal, social and professional skills through non-formal and in-formal learning by being mentored and super-vised, having the possibility to accompany, observe and support their colleagues and local peers during their work and activities and finally through creating and realizing their own projects (learning-by-doing). Aim This project aims to build up dialogue challenging discrimination of Roma, which frequently leads to marginalization, by providing voluntary learning opportunity that stimulates Roma and Non Roma volunteers from sending and hosting organizations the intercultural learning process, encourage active participation as well as development of personal and professional skills. - To develop the capacity and personal competences of international volunteers by being engaged in work in the filed of youth in fereign country experiencing various learning opportunities as personal autonomy, innovation, creativity, team work, cooperation and sense of community work - To empower European and local volunteers to take actions and develop initiatives by and with Roma marginalized young people tackling the issues of discrimination and marginalization - To breake negative stereotype towards Roma and other European minorities by providing voluntary opportunity for Roma and Non Roma from different countries to work toghter in mulciethnic enviorment in order to achive a common goal - To promote the youth work and effective inclusion methods in minorities local communities as a tool for their social inclusion.

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