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EVS-nowe horyzonty
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main goal of the project is concentrated on developing key competences and abilities of young people, decreasing different barriers, fighting against unemployment and social exclusion. Current high unemployment rate among young people and ever higher demands of labour markets cause the need to organize language classes (that will allow them to improve their language competences, break mental barriers connected with using foreign language) and the need to develop general competences like entrepreneurial learning, creativity an independence. Activities for seniors are focused on promotion of healthy behavior, in order to preserve physical and mental activity.The task of the volunteer will also focuse on support and creation of conditions for self-realization of participants using their knowledge and skills. Conducting this type of activity for seniors causes blurring of intercultural borders and supports building of intergenerational dialogue and encourages social integration.In the Youth Centers there is a everyday prophylaxis programme and different activities supporting the development and skills of children and youth like: sport, educational, art, culinary and language activities. Senior Centers offer sport , computer , language , drama activities as well as activities suporting physical and mental activity.During the project Volunteer will work in these Centers around 25-30 hours per week. Main tasks of Volunteer in their work will be a systematic participation in work in Centers , where they will have the opportunity to observe, then to co-lead and later lead classes on their own, associated with their interests and related to culture and traditions of the country of origin. Volunteer will lead language activities and promote healthy lifestyle for children , youth and seniors.Volunteer apart of activities in the Centers will participate in intensive polish language course at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan 2-3 times a week. At the end of the course Volunteer will gain certificate of acquired level of language skills. Actions taken in the project are also orientated on gaining new skills and competences connected with working with children, youth, learning language, budget and free time management. Volunteer will gain a Youthpass and Language Certificate so that chances on the labor market will increase. Living in a new, different than before the project environment will influence on expansion of Volunteer horizons and checking himself in the new conditions. Volunteer has the possibility of creating a network of international contacts.The activities undertaken during the project benefit the local community , contribute to raising awareness among young people about how important self-development in various fields and knowledge of a foreign language is nowadays. By participating in the project , participants will deepen the values of tolerance and acquire new skills that will pay off in their later life .Implementation of the project have impact on building lasting international networks, and increase the prestige of the host organization and promotion of Swarzędz on scales larger than a local .
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