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Archive of European Projects

EVS-Moflata Nærmiljøsenter 14-15
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 01 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The voluntary activities will take place in Skien southern part of Telemark. The base for our work is located at Moflata a part of Skien The town has about 52 000 inhabitants and is, with Porsgrunn the centre of Telemark region. Telemark is situated in the south-east part of Norway and is characterised mostly by an anland climate. During the winter there often is snow from Desember to March. The temperature will vary from +5 to -15 degrees Celsius which give splendid possibilities for winter activities such as cross country skiing and skating. In the summer the temperature is mostly 15-22 degrees Celsius and there are many chances for hikes in the woods, swimming and other water activities. Moflata Nærmijlsenter is located at Moflata, close to the town center . Moflata Nærmiljøsenter is located in the same building as a food store, table tennis club and the local church. The church has its own cafe and conference room. The volunteers live safely in a family home. They have long experience in hosting youth. The family home is free from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Moflata Nærmiljøsenter is also prepared to assist in relation to health, police, family, if necessary. The managing director lives about 10 minutes away and ready to assist at short notice should there be any emergency. The volunteers will receive a mobile, so fast contact is possible. Support. Moflata Nærmiljøsenter will be the base for the volunteers and the staff. Most of the activities will take part at Moflata but we also cooperate with Herøya Mission Church in Porsgrunn that have similar activities and the Red Cross of Skien are some of the groups we work with. . There are also several other organizations in their area that will also be hosting volunteers. In previous years this group of volunteers have been a valuable support for each other. Proposed activities for volunteers: The volunteer will be working side by side with our local volunteers, doing all types of tasks. The tasks will be directly connected to specific activities we offer and the running of the Moflata Nærmiljøsenter. The tasks will range from preparing and selling food, social interaction with people of all ages, cleaning and so on. It is important that the volunteer understands that everyone pitches in and contribute and that we have a positive attitude. The main group that we work with are children and youth from age 9 to 13 . The second group is grown-ups and parents from age of 30 to 55 and the third group is seniors from age 70 and up. So it is important that the volunteers is comfortable and enjoys interacting with this target groups. The volunteer will learn to work in local environment, develop cooperation skills through working with Moflata Nærmiljøsenter staff and other volunteers. Through this the volunteer will develop leadership qualities, learn how to plan and carry out activities. An important part will be ability to evaluate the work and through that develop an even better offer. Moflata Nærmiljøsenter works towards all generations, but the volunteer will mostly work among children and seniors and will get lots of experience in being a children- and youth worker. In our area there are people with different ethnic and cultural background and the volunteer will get some experience in cross cultural work. As the volunteer is coming from a foreign country the person will as a leader bring new experience into our work. The volunteers will be a part of the staff, and will fill in key functions in the youth environment in the organization. They will be given space to develop their own abilities to serve in the organizations, and use what they can offer to fulfill the goals of the activities. The volunteer will be part of the staff and will answer to the managing director . Our work is organized through staff-meetings where the future work is planned. Children- and youth work is directed towards children and youth from the age of 6 and upward. In all the groups the volunteer is meant to be one of the leaders who again answer to the main leader. The volunteer will be part of a group of leaders in specific activities. The volunteers will participate in some of these activities. The first few months, until the volunteers get adjusted to the Norwegian culture and language, the main job will be as a helper in the church's kitchen, where the volunteers and the other leaders will prepare and sell food during the different activities. After a few months, kitchen work will still be a part of the volunteers work, but then there are many other things, which the volunteers can participate in and/or arrange. Depending of the skills of the volunteers, they will be able to start up new activities, run projects and take part in what kind of activities they prefer.
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