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"EVS - Learning more than a language" ("EVS - Więcej niż nauka języka")
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Within the project "EVS - Learning more than a language" ("EVS - Więcej niż nauka języka ") are invited to Polish 4 volunteers from 4 countries (France, Germany, Portugal and Italy) for the period from September 2015 to June 2016. Volunteers will work in Bialystok in the Special Educational Centre (SOSW) and in the Secondary School in Bialystok in Dabrowa Bialostocka. In Dabrowa the volunteer will work primarily for the benefit of the students of the school and the local community through a variety of tasks such as: Organizing non-obligatory school activities (language, sports, dance, literary and musical clubs ), the animation of the local community (in cooperation with the therapeutic center, kindergarten Cultural Centre), running the Senior Language Club, promotion of intercultural and EVS (through meetings and workshops). In SOSW volunteer tasks' will be to support children with disabilities and special needs. They will assist in the daily activities (computer, artistic, sport and musical), assist during the meals and outings with children. Volunteers from both institutions will be encouraged to organize individual "mini" projects and they will be given the chance to learn the language and learn about our culture and the region. The main objective of the project is to increase the chances of young people in the labor market. During the ongoing activities, we want to give volunteers the general skills that are valued on every work position. Cooperation in the international team, during a long-term project is a unique opportunity to gain skills such as flexibility, understanding, awareness of diversity, problem solving, creativity and creative approach. Through planned activities we want to contribute to the promotion of international mobility projects and voluntary work. The project is primarily an educational dimension and involves learning through practice, which takes place outside of the framework of formal education. Voluntary participation increases the efficiency and quality of the project. Many young people, for various reasons is unable or afraid to go abroad in order to gain experience (financial issues, lack of confidence and courage, fear of leaving the comfort zone). EVS is an opportunity for those who need support throughout the process. We hope that the implemented actions will break the routine, monotony and the schematic thinking of the employees. The presence of the volunteer "refresh" and "revive" an organization / institution and have a positive impact on the motivation of employees and provide new opportunities, prospects and challenges. We believe that cooperation with the volunteer help increase the competence, skills and it prevent work burnout. Thanks to the the project organizations is working in a team, and a common goal which combines and integrates has big impact on working atmosphere. New methods and practices exchanged during the project between employees and volunteer will help to increase the quality of services provided. We want our project to contribute to an increase of tolerance and understanding for others. It is a long-term goal, but realization cyclically EVS projects bring us closer to success. According to the words of political scientist John Godson unwanted behaviours directed to foreigners are not the result of racism - understood as a belief in the inferiority of other "races", but the problem is a low level of intercultural competences, which is lack of contact with other cultures, which cause a fear and racial and cultural stereotypes. Our actions in this project increase the general knowledge about other cultures and people which helps in creating correct attitudes and behaviors.
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