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EVS in Ballymun Regional Youth Resource 2015
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Ballymun Regional Youth Resource ( BRYR), a Youth Work organisation, is seeking EVS volunteers to support our 2015 ’ Youth and Intercultural Learning and European Awareness ‘project. This project will take place at Ballymun Regional Youth Resource, The Reco, Sillogue Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11 between July 2015 and December 2016. We are motivated to be involved due to the intercultural interactions and experiences EVS can grant our young people, and the unique setting and opportunities we can offer to volunteers interested in working with disadvantaged young people. BRYR values the diversity that EVS volunteers bring to the organisation and staff enjoy the opportunity to share experiences, techniques and methods of youth work. Overall, the main aims are to work towards the welfare and development of young people aged 10-24 yrs living in Ballymun; promoting and supporting volunteerism and participation among young people in BRYR; promoting intercultural interactions and experiences and learning among the young people, staff, EVS and wider community and raising awareness about EU citizenship, participation and rights. We are aligned to National Policy and Standards Framework such as the National Quality Standards Framework for Youth Work and Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures among others. The project will operate on the premise of needing to address needs/issues such as: • the welfare and development of young people aged 10-24 yrs, those living in Ballymun and those visiting on EVS; • the promotion and supporting of volunteerism and participation among young people and EVS in BRYR, in Ballymun and in Europe; • the promotion of intercultural interactions and experiences and learning among the young people, staff, EVS, wider community • the awareness amongst young people, staff, EVS about EU citizenship, participation and rights • The enjoyment and personal development and progression of the EVS volunteer during the project • The recognition of learning for the EVS volunteer, for wider understanding by others in EU. • The linguistic development of the volunteer • The personal and learning relationship with the EU partners about EVS good practises • To evidence the impact of the project on our Ballymun young people • The sharing of the good practise/ learning results from the project for the volunteer and BRYR/partners This year, BRYR will host 2 volunteers. Both of them come from Italy. They are young people aged 24 and 22 yrs of age. They are both eager to travel, to develop their English, to gain personal and employment related skills. One is interested in Theatre and the other in Music. They are both interested in working with young people. These EVS volunteers will support our Youth Work /Arts programme of work- theatre, music,digitial media, arts. Generally, they will be involved in a group work, open activities, annual calendar events, local community festivals, intercultural events, EU awareness workshops, EVS information sharing activities, and any other activities within our remit that meets their interest, skill and ability. Overall, volunteers will learn and participate in a wide range of experiences where they will get the opportunity to use and develop their skills . We envisage that the project will promote learning. On an individual level the EVS volunteers themselves will gain knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote personal development, linguistic advancement and employability. On a wider level the project will have an impact on local young people, the EVS volunteers, BRYR staff and volunteers, future EVS volunteers, the local community. Results will be shared at a regional level and professional relationships will be developed at the international level. Each of these groups will have different experiences but overall there will be a enhancement to youth work programmes, greater awareness of volunteerism, participation, EVS opportunities, interculturalism, european -ness. The potential longer term benefits include Ballymun young people growing up into adults who believe in European participation and identity and have positive awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries around us.

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