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EVS Gathering
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our association is working on the field of non-formal education, supports using of non-formal education in frame of self-development, mostly of youth workers and young people, and promote this topic on local, regional, national and international projects. One of our topic we focuse on is also European voluntary service. In past, we organised a research between EVS hosting organisations aimed on their needs for the work with EVS volunteers and for work of EVS coordinators. In autumn 2015, we organised the international TC "EVS in Our Hands" (28.9.-3.10., more info:, like reaction on the previous research, reflecting needs of EVS coordinators and hosting organisations. We offered space for self-development of coordinators in topics: effective communication, motivation in the project environment, leading of EVS volunteer, including educational process in EVS project and conflict management. Our experience with international activities shows similar needs, mailny work with educatinal process, effective communication, also on international level. According the evaluation of participants, the TC was inspirative and usefull for their further work like EVS coordinator. At the same time, they identified some needs and topics which could be reflected in further TC - give space for better understanding of methodologie of the work with EVS, including system of support of all EVS actors of czech NGO Silesian Diacony, give further space for sharing methods/ good practice of EVS coordinators, give chance to participate in such a TC to other countries (from EU as well neighborough parnter countries).This training course is follow-up of the TC "EVS in Our Hands" - we would like to offer a space for self-development of EVS coordinators in mentioned topics (effective communication, motivation in the project environment, leading of EVS volunteer, including educational process in EVS project and conflict management), but also to react on needs of participants from EVS in Our Hands – to combine this TC with study visit of Silesian Diacony (space for better understanding of their work with EVS vols, methods used, system of support in EVS). Also, we offer participation in the TC to partner´s organisations from EU as well from SEE and EECA region. Related mentioned background, main aim of this training course is to contribute to self-development of EVS coordinators and to share and develop their competencies in working with EVS volunteers. Through this, we would like to influence EVS projects, including increasing of their quality in accredited EVS organisations. We involve following countries: AU,CZ,SK,PT,ES,FI,MK,TR,AM,AZ,GE,UA,BiH,RU. Because the training course is aimed on self-development of competencies of EVS and sharing experience within EVS projects will be important, we would like to involve experienced partner organisations (experience with minimum 1 EVS volunteer). Also, we prefer partners who are deeper motivated for developing quality of EVS projects in their organisation. By selecting final participants for the training course, gender balance will be taken in consideration.Concerning activities, we will use non-formal principles of methodology and technics. Besides teoretical parts leading increasing knowledge about topics (educational process of EVS volunteers, motivation, conflict management…) we want to support gaining practical competencies within EVS volunteers work, throuh using various interactive methods and technics (work in groups, simulation, brainstorming, roll-play, buzz groups, creative theatral and art technics…). Study visit in Silesian Diacony will be important part of our program. By learning process, the group of participants will be important (sharing experience, good/bad practice, tips/ risks in work with EVS volunteers.Participants should gain experience and competences, how to communicate effectively with EVS volunteers, how to support educational process of EVS volunteers in long-term period. EVS coordinators should also be aware of useful tools used in conflict situations. We give also space for motivation of EVS coordinators in project environment.The project will have impact on local and regional level, mainly through using knowledge and gained competencies in working with EVS volunteers, in partner organisation, later on this can be inspirative also for other hosting organisations working on regional level. On national level, there will be impact through empowering of non-formal education as such. Usefull methods, good practice of pax will be part of practical on-line brochure for EVS coordinators and EVS organisations and examples like inspiration for work with EVS volunteers. This material will contribute to international impact too-the brochure will be avalaible on internet and shared among partner organisations, participants and also through our partners, accredited org., NAs and SALTOs centres to other countries.
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