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Evs France and south Korea - building young Asian-European bridges
Start date: Jan 1, 2010,

EVS France and South Korea - building young Asian-European bridges will contribute to the promotion of active citizenship and mutual understanding among young people from France and South Korea.6 Volunteers will stay for 6 months in each country.2 young Koreans will come to a project in France 2007-FR-165 Croix de Neyrat, a project about urban development and promotion of volunteering in a city and working class neighbourhoods. They'll be in relation with local people and will be in straight contact with young inhabitants with fewer opportunities and others to propose them (by organising information and promotion sessions about voluntary service and other activities in different structures as the municipalities structures, the quartier nord centre, schools, leisure centres) to participate in mobility and citizenship programs like workcamps, EVS and civil service.The 2 Korean EVS will also participate in workcamps as leaders or co-leaders and promote voluntary work, participation, citizenship, exchange and bond creating tool which is a workcamp. Volunteers will have also the possibility to put in place a personal project.4 french youngsters will participate in 2 different projects .The 1st project Little school Jeobuk will be in an alternative school founded by a boudhist group. Theschool is based on the respect by nature, free will to learn and participative actions and suggestions of thestudents. EVS volunteers will teach english and french with non-formal education methods and we'll beinvolved in activities like farming, nature activities, being supported by the school people and the localcommunity.The 2nd project Haenam Jeonnam will be in a local church centre, in a very disadvantagedcommunity, that hosts children from difficult background (very poor) and tries to promote activities withthem. Volunters will be invited to give english and french lessons, to organize, with korean volunteers in.theproject, activities such as teaching games, songs and theatre. Volunteers are asked to bring with themideas to improve the activities for the children. Volunteers will have also the possibility to put in place.apersonal project £EVS volunteers and the hosting communities will be interact all throughout the volunteering which will give the chance of discovering cultural diversity (from France and Korea, but also from Asia and Europe and help to destroy stereoptypes and the fear of the OTHER. The overall of the EVS project will promote voluntary service and mobility as an opportunity for participation in useful projects and to become an active citizen.

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