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EVS against Discrimination
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The proposed project includes the implementation of a European voluntary service in which two young people will come for one year in Athens and will voluntarily contribute to the activities and initiatives organized by our organization for the defense of human rights, fighting xenophobia, strengthening and ensuring equal opportunities for immigrants and refugees.As part of these activities and the effort of our organization to spread the spirit of volunteerism we decided to enrich our voluntary group with young people from other countries and thus to create a multicultural team.Volunteers come from Italy and Romania and they have already raised awareness of issues concerning social isolation and social exclusion and are interested in widening their experience and find out new ways of solving them. The project aims to contribute in fighting discriminations and stereotypes based on linguistic, national and cultural diversity on one hand and in fighting social isolation and exclusion in order to enhance social cohesion on the other hand. Moreover, it aims to promote the ideas of multiculturalism and tolerance of diversity and to inspire solidarity for the facilitation of social cooperation. Furthermore, it aims to contribute in the development of immigrants’ skills so that they have more opportunities of employment. At the same time, as far as it concerns the volunteers, the project aims to develop their social consciousness and to encourage them to participate actively in finding solutions of serous social issues, to help them comprehend the European citizenship and to gain personal, social and practical skills (new ways of learning, communicational skills, creativity, sobriety etc) and stepping stones in order to increase their employment opportunities. The project includes, among others, the following activities:• Strengthening of immigrants’ social integration through organizing and implementing recreational activities for children coming from third countries.• Organizing intercultural events promoting intercultural cooperation and activities of linguistic support to immigrants and refugees• Exploration of good practices, that promote multiculturalism and challenge discriminations.• Promoting volunteering and EVS.• Communicate and organize meetings with other NGOs and migrant organizations for networking and promotion of CIVIS PLUS' actions.• Disseminate and communicate the organization’s activities The EVS activity will be based on non formal and informal methods. We expect the project to have significant long-term impact to all relevant groups (participants, participating organizations, target groups, local, national and European society):• Volunteers will gain knowledge, experience and skills, which will make their contribution to society more effective and help them be proactive citizens of the EU. In addition to that it will enhance their employability.• Participating organizations will gain significant experience and new ideas, that are useful for their youth and social work.• Immigrants will develop self-esteem, sense of belonging, they will learn how to cope with linguistic and cultural obstacles and gain the personal, social and practical skills, that will assist them in becoming fully included and integrated to society and the job market.• The local community (through the contact with the volunteers’ activities) as well as the national and European society (through the dissemination of the project’s results) will value pluralism, tolerance and volunteering. This contact will lead to re-evaluation of people’s point of views, attitudes and whatever stereotypes they have towards different cultures and will create a more open society, tolerant to diversity and more friendly to its members.
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