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Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ERASMUS + program supports transnational mobility and reinforces the contribution of education and training. To achive the Lisbon strategy - making the EU the most competitive economy in the world, through improving the quality and increasing the mobility of professionals in vocational education, workplaces in companies must grow by at least 60,000 a year by the end of the program. Considering the principles of the European Quality Charter for Mobility, which provides a better framework for the free movement of persons in the field of education we chose the project theme "European dimension of adaptive vocational training". Sixteen teachers teaching students of the specialties Sewing and Gardening and Floriculture in theory and practice, a speech therapist and teachers of Chemistry, Physics and English on the profession have been included in the practice. Teachers who will be involved in the project have the necessary qualities and activity “Professionals in the field of vocational education and training” will further develop their competencies. Practice will take place at selected locations depending on the specialties of the teachers. The project focuses on the following needs: - Familiarization with modern technologies in construction, technology and botanical characteristics of indoor and garden plants - Improving the knowledge and skills and enhancing the competencies of teachers on working with children with special educational needs and children at risk - Modernizing the educational process with the teachers from developed countries of the European Union, joining us from Italy. - Using a variety of modern occupational methods that will improve their innovation and create conditions for lifelong learning - Expanding the cultural worldview and language competence of teachers. OBJECTIVES: - Improving the quality of vocational education and training through best practices in the systems of sewing, gardening and floriculture - Increasing the motivation to seek new skills and competencies and encouraging the usage of European experience and innovation - Increasing the attractiveness of vocational education and training - Exchanging experience with Italian colleagues with the purpose of mutual learning - Training activities abroad have a larger value – they enhance the foreign language skills and personal qualities of the teachers, shaping them into European citizens and form an interest for lifelong learning - Increasing the knowledge on different sewing operations and botanical characteristics, acquiring skills for the usage of certain ancillary activities and of the technological developments in their performance for people with special needs - Developing and improving the quality of teacher education in line with modern needs through acquiring knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate participation in the European labor market -Increasing the prestige of the School EXPECTED RESULTS: - The practice is to ensure the acquisition of new techniques and a greater competitiveness in the labor market - Giving support to the transition of pupils with special educational needs from school - Creating lasting partnerships - Introduction of good European practices in the fields of sewing, gardening and landscaping - Sophisticated professional knowledge, skills, competencies and creating innovative development of teachers crucial vital issues of vocational education in EU - Familiarizing the target group with the European quality standards and their implementation in Bulgaria - Promoting the skills of teachers in their community -Positive Italian experience will be included in the development strategy of the school The mobility will be held in Italy from 2.11.2014 to 15.11.2014 inValensia The Team, responsible for the organization and the management of the project: 1. Mrs Latinka Kovacheva - Principal and manager of the project 2.Mrs Petya Treneva -coordination 3.Mrs Diana Hristova-Chief accountant
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