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Европейски уроци - Магията на легендите, игрите и традициите.
Start date: May 15, 2016, End date: Aug 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project represents a significant upgrade and consolidation of existing activities of SC Tornado-2013 Sofia in his work on improving cross-border cooperation at regional level, exploring the culture and traditions of the Balkan peoples, promotion of historical and cultural values ​​of the region. During the project the attention will focus on the role of Europe, reconsidered and submitted as part of a single civilizational and multicultural space will look and features of its spiritual and civilizational self-portrait. Legends and historical events will involve young people in playful activities, so that they easily get acquainted with psychology and folklore of its partners, gather information, and of course - to find common that connects them. Included in the project young people will be 44 people (40 boys and four heads), aged 20-25 years, both Bulgarian and from our partners.The main objective of the project is young people in game shape to recreate the typical characters from the folklore of their neighbors to enter the accompanying images, thus playing to get acquainted with the character of legends past heroic times, a difficult time who Balkans, this specific Southeast region have gone in history. Recreating the form of a game, legends and myths will facilitate the acceptance of their aesthetic world, preserved family memory in the Balkans over the centuries. We'll show you how to accept and respect differences and to appreciate the cultural wealth. How young people can be educated skills in teamwork, pooling and friendly communication in the presence of cultural differences. Because mainstream legends - mythical, historical, religious or domestic - is the human beginning, the human mind and strength which can overcome any difficulties.  With the implementation of this project by sharing typical legends and recreating characters from them in the form of the game, the participants' attention to be directed towards combating the negative prejudices, to build a more tolerant and solidarity towards people of different cultures.Other major objectives that we have set are:1. Introduction to the legends, myths and legends from Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Bulgaria, their historical development and contemporary cultural events.2. To encourage youth participation in social life and activities.3. To create lasting relationships with young people from four countries through information about them and their working methods, knowledge of experience and knowledge that will help to find their place in Europe.4. To inspire confidence in young people from the partner countries, they are not alone and uniting with other youngsters may be useful to themselves, their country and the world.5. To promote the capabilities of the program to mutual understanding of young people in Europe. These general objectives will be implemented in the project to build a tolerant positions young, giving them the opportunity to explore the different customs from chetirute European countries. Through knowledge of different cultures and intercultural experiences young people will become more open to other European nations and simultaneously more likely to identify with European values.
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