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Европейска квалификация на учители за придобиване на компетенции за прилагане на нови методи и технологии в обучението и работа с деца със специални нужди
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of our organization is to improve not only the teaching methods of the teachers but also the productivity and the effectiveness of the education of our students so that they can show better results. Of great importance for our organization is to create an environment that is comfortable and motivating for both teachers and students, and namely, breaking the frame of the traditional education, a kind of a lecture, and seizing the students' attention in the process of education itself using new information and communication technologies and innovating teaching methods. There are students with special educational needs that have been studying at our school for two years. We do not have trained teachers who can teach these students efficiently enough. We would strongly like to have more qualified staff that is ready to help these students in the best way. It is the teacher applying for teaching students with special needs course who will distribute the acquired new skills among her colleagues. In order to achieve the objective of the project a specially formed school management team has chosen five teachers to be trained by participating in the project. Among these teachers there are colleagues who have experience in “Comenius Lifelong Learning Programmes”. The other ones are applying for the first time. We have selected more experienced teachers who can share their skills and knowledge. Тhe IT teacher did a CLIL course in England in 2006. One of the English teachers has been educated in a new methodology in foreign language teaching course. The ohter three teachers are young and ambitious, motivated to develop and teach any new methods according to the main aims of our organization. Methods for achieving the main objective: The methodology to be used when carrying out the project is a combination of acquiring skills and knowledge, which are necessary for a more effective way of teaching and studying, and of carrying out activities, that will share the results of the project, and these are namely: • Organizing meetings with teachers from the primary and secondary schools in the town and the region; • Creating a web site with the corresponding pages: New information and communication technologies in teaching; interesting methods of teaching a foreign language; methods of teaching children with special educational needs. With the help of this site teachers from the whole region can share experience; • Organizing and carrying out on-line lessons; • Motivating teachers and students to participate in European projects. Expected results: The teachers will increase the quality of teaching by using new technologies. They will use innovative methods and tools for teaching. They will acquire experience in the work with children with special needs and they will see the benefits from team work. All of the above will lead to: - results in the development of students’ creative thinking; - making students interested in learning and their work more independent; - high competition results; Interaction, opportunities for team work and self-assessment; access and use of high technologies, side by side with information and knowledge will give the students confidence and self-esteem. All of these will make teaching more effective, they will increase the students' knowledge, the quality and the satisfaction from the education. This would bring back the society's trust and appreciation for the school and the teachers as an institution and status. Our colleagues' participation will give both short term and long term results because the activities mentioned above will create a succession and tradition between the teachers of a foreign language, of IT and the teachers of children with special educational needs. And besides, many colleagues will get the motivation to participate in such training courses in order to develop their skills both as a teacher and as a person.
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