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Европа на ценностите и младежта
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today the EU citizens are confronted against serious challenges associated with understanding and practical realization of the values that underpin the Union. Coordination of European policies for the successful economic development of any EU country, defending the role and position of the EU in a globalized world, preserving cultural diversity in the integration process between Member States require not only competence on the part of political leaders, but also the active participation of all European citizens. Important role in the formation of active civil position on any of the problems we face today is the understanding young people problems who start their active realization in society. Public Policies Institute sees this project as an initial stage of a long process for the development of youth structures to distribute the active attitude towards values in politics, economy and culture, to help the understanding of their importance for the realization of young people and actively work for formation European policies based on European values. The main group of participants will be young people aged 18 to 30 years, 150 people, who already have expressed an active attitude towards social and political problems. We plan to attract participants both from the academic centres in the country - students in social and political fields, and from youth organizations of political parties. Additional campaign will be conducted in social networks to attract participants who do not fall into the above groups, but actively seek public realization. Project participants will deepen and systematize their knowledge of public life and policymaking in the EU, based on the values that unite us in a way that will allow them to be active promoters and mediators of such policies among its peers. They will be trained to identify the spiritual dimensions of every political and social problem, to relate these values measured with real possibilities for their articulation in the public domain, to search and identify the institutional tools for transformation of values into concrete policies. The main objective of the project is to create a core group of active young people capable of analysing social processes and actively formulate civic positions on various issues, using values as a fundamental factor in the political process. This core will have all technical means, procedures and knowledge acquired in the project in order to awaken interest and understanding among own peers with respect to the current problems facing Bulgaria in the context of its European development. Interactive Internet application that will be available to participants during the implementation of the project itself will become a platform where each participant can create and develop their own social networks dedicated to specific causes or problems.
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