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Evolución Histórica en el Uso de las Fuentes de Energía
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project EHUFE(Historical Evolution in the Use of Energy Sources) arises from the reflection related to the finiteness of the natural resources which are within our reach.The three participating schools(IES Galileo-Galilei,Lyceé Clemenceau and I LO Mikolaja Kopernica) have shown on their previous touch a great inquisitiveness about the historical and current problem of the energy sources. In addition,two of them (Spain and Poland) represent old coal regions that are in a serious crisis,which have been supported by means of an industrial restructuring aimed for the alternative energy development,and the third one,France,which is connected to renewable resources related to the sea. Our project expects,first of all,to MAKE KNOWN all related to the evolution of energy sources to understand the existing interrelationship between the consumption and the industrialization throughout the history in itself of the human progress.From the use of wood to produce heat,going through the use of coal and oil up to renewable resources.Secondly ,APPROACH, from a broad and multidisciplinary point of view,the use of the current energy sources,their applications and cost,and last but not least,from the premise of a sustainable development search,MAKE our students AWARE of the respect towards the Environment. The participants are the three schools aforementioned.The project expects to join an approximate number of 25 students per school,that is to say a total of 75 students.We must add the participation of the faculty (teaching staff),who in an approximate number of 3 per school,will accompany the students on their journeys,and a broader number of teachers,who,at their corresponding schools,will organize and carry out the activities along with the students. We have tried the scheduled activities to be varied and rewarding.Thus,we have on-line activities related to the contents training,work to do at the school itself, broadcasting activities related to this kind of work,experiments or research,trips which include visits to museums and companies connected to the energy field, etc.Obviously,the key activities are the journeys which the different groups will make to the participating countries,since,in addition to carrying out the scheduled activities regarding to energy sources,will turn out to be a unique experience on the linguistic coexistence and multiculturalism spheres. Similarly to the previously mentioned,the methodology we are going to use is expected to be varied and attractive.From the prior knowledge which the student body has about energy sources,we are going to use an inductive and dynamic methodology,in which the student, by means of the suggested activities,can discover little by little the historical and current use we make of energy sources.To this effect,we are going to use computer tools,such as digital platforms(E-Twinning),websites,specific programmes (exelearning), search and experimenting activities (Hidrógeno);journeys and visits to Work Centres etc.And all of it dressed by the use of English as lingua franca of the project. Througout the process,and especially at the end of itself,we have the hope of: 1.Communicating successfully in English. 2.Knowing the evolution of the use of the different ways of energy. 3.Approaching to the use of the ways of energy carried out in our respective countries. 4.Reflecting about the need of a sustainable development. 5.Broading the energy vocabulary. 6.Team working. 7.Participating actively in debates in a respectful and ordered manner. 8.Being responsible for their own work. 9.Settling conclusions and self-assessing their work. 10.Knowing the behavior and customs of a country different to theirs. The impact caused in a short term on the part of students can have an effect on benefit of the local communities, to which they belong,and,at the same time,on EU itself.This will be that way,if ,as we expect,our behavior towards the use of energy sources gets modified,aimed to the awareness of the finiteness of most of them and the responsible use of those we have within our reach. Finally,if we all succeed in reaching the suggested goals,it will be slightly easier to obtain a sustainable development which enables us to live in a cleaner and a bit better world.
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