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Everybody smiles in the same language
Start date: Mar 1, 2014,

Youth Exchange " Everybody smiles in the same language " will gather 30 participants from EU and EECA countries . four participants between 18-25 and one group leader without age limit. The main goal of the project is to provide young people with the knowledge on following topics: cultural diversity, stereotypes, and tolerance. trough non-formal education methods and art activities we will make them aware about what is stereotyping and what can stereotyping can lead to. The final ‘’product’’ of the youth exchange is flesh mob and street art that promote racism and stereotype breaking, which will be created by participants together with the experts help. There will be a show staged by the local government dedicated to the day of the independence of Georgia, 26 of May. The participants will have the opportunity to stage the flash mob and perform street art to the local people . During the whole project participants will have opportunity to develop their intercultural sensitivity and raise their intercultural awareness. The whole educational process will make them more aware about what does cultural diversity , prejudice and racism means, how does it feel to be stereotyped and to be more aware about their tolerance limits.
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