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Evde Hasta Yaşlı Bakımları ve Acil Durumlarda Tıbbi Müdahaleler Alanlarında Avrupa Stajı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Social conditions are gradually changing and the average life expectancy is increasing in relation to that. Moreover, the number of divorces is on increase, the average number of kids per woman is decreasing, the woman’s share business life is increasing ve the age for retirement is on the rise also. All these factors lead to the factor that there will be less young population to take care of the old and there is an ever increasing trend on care services at home. In this respect, the need for specialized health care staff on the care of the old is also increasing. Another areas of interest is the emergency medical interventions. Many lives are lost due to inefficient staff on practical applications along with lacking adequate equipment and false attitudes of technicians. These all stem from the fact that there are lacking components in the curriculum, inadequate equipment, inadequate training on medical services, and medical staff’s low motivation. Our school wanted to change this picture by putting efforts into this project which will probably help us train more qualified nurses and medical technicians that will shape the future’s medical labor. The project will start on 01 September 2015 and finish 01 September 2016. It will last for a year. There are two planned mobilities. During the first visit, 22 students and 1 accompanying teacher from Nursing Department will be hosted by Zadkine vocational training center in Holland. During the second visit, 22 students and 1 accompanying teacher from emergency medical technician department will be hosted by Ospedale San Raffaele hospital in Milano, Italy. The participants will all be among 10 and 11 grade students in our school. The number of female students exceeds the number of males in our school. Therefore, the majority of the participants will be girls. The participant profile details are provided in the related part. The methods of the project include meetings, seminars, project management charts, questionnaires, interviews and performance evaluation techniques. Nursing department students will receive practical application trainings on legal aspects of home care services in Holland, the Holland perspective to the issues, the anatomy of the old, psychology of patients receiving home care, approach to the patients, body care, physiotherapy, care of the bed wounds, providing medicine to the old and special nutrition for the old. Apart from this, the students will attend cultural trips and activities at weekend. The first visit will take place between 03 April 2016 and 17 April 2016. The students from emergency medical technician department will receive trainings on legal aspects of Italian applications of medical emergencies and they will observe the methods developed by spedale San Raffaele hospital on cardiology, acute coronary, pediatric coronary diseases, diseases of bones, joints, and skin, urogenital and blood diseases, digestive system diseases, endocrine system diseases, diseases of liquid electrolyte and acid base instability and emergency medical internship activities. The second visit will take place between 15 May 2016 and 29 May 2016. The goals of the project: - To provide improvement of our nursing students with the applications, methods, and techniques from Holland on patient and old care at home, - To provide improvement of our medical emergency technicians with the applications, methods, and techniques Italy Holland on medical emergencies, - To increase job related motivation of the participants, - To provide participants personal, social and cultural development and making them adopt the principles of life-long learning, - To improve foreign language skills of the participants, - To train qualified labor force for employment, - To have a European dimension at school. We are expecting our students to improve their skills in their fields, have foreign language capabilities and positive changes on students’ attitudes against European life style and culture. We also predict that our students will provide better services to the sector here with the knowledge and experience that will gain from the trainings of the project. Moreover, we believe attendance to international projects from other schools and institutions will also increase after successful execution of this project.
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