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Evde Bakım Hizmetlerinde AB Uygulamaları Eğitimi Training of EU Applications in Nursing Services at Home
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nursing services at home is presenting health and social services on a professional level or by the family members in order to protect, improve, recover the health of the individual in general at his home or in the environment where he lives. (İstanbul Medicine Magazine) Today the decrease in population growth rate and increase in the old age depending on the extension of the life span and problems depending on this have become inevitable. While 10 % of the world population is over 60 by the year 2000, this rate is expected to be over 20 % in 2050. According to these numbers, 400 million old aged in developed countries, 1.5 billion old aged will be living in less developed countries. (world Health Organization) According to the projections made by TÜİK and World Health Organization, while the population of the country increases 30 %, the rate growth in the old age over 65 will be 120 %. Turkey will be second country in which the old age will increase rapidly in the next 25 years. Those working in the field of nursing services at home consist of mostly foreigners who don’t have work permit or residence permit in Turkey. Families try to pursue the nursingprocess without supervision and surveillance and may be aggrieved. Our goals: by examining nursing service practices at home; to gain personal development, professional knowledge and skills, to increase the competences in this field and to enable these to be used in our country, to strengthen our cooperation with institutes and organizations in European countries, to increase the standards of nursing services at home, to encourage foreign language acquisition by enabling the cultural interaction and to increase the attractiveness of vocational education. The training program which will be applied in our project will be realized in Belgium and Holland countries. In each flow of mobility 10 students and one accompanying teacher will be attending. The content of Nursing Services at home which will be applied; Communication in business life. Work safety and occupational health. Principles and Applications of Nursing for the Old. Medical Terminology. Anatomy Physiology. Psychology. Basic Gerontology. Pharmacology. Nutrion of the old. Exercise physiology and the exercise for the old. Acute and Chronic Illness Knowledge and the Emergency. Geriatric Psychiatry. Health Sociology. Life Competences and Social Activity. Healthy Life and Nutrition. Wound Care and First Aid. Agenda in Turkey and the world. With our project, our participants will be able to reach the targets of our country in the field of Nursing Services at Home, with the knowledge, skills and gains by taking training in the EU standards and by seeing these services in the right places and this will be a great step in covering up the deficiency of knowledge and skills in of the staff working in this field. Thus, the quality in the nursing services of those who are in need of care at home will rise and the welfare level will increase. After the mobility ours students will be asked to prepare a detailed report involving the knowledge and the competences obtained at the internship and submit it to our school’s teachers. The students who have done internship will be asked to show the techniques and methods to the students and their teachers in a practical way. The deficiencies in Nursery at home which is very important in the Health Sector will be told to the individuals in our region and that these problems can be solved in a practical way will be told. Thus, it will be a great step with regards to giving importance to vocational schools of health. Studies and gains obtained within the project will be turned into a presentation, project results and gains will be translated into English to be used in dissemination practices, project results, pictures, video recordings etc will be published in the websites of our institute and our foreign partners in Turkish and English. Project results and experiences will be announced through local and national press, after the flows project result meeting will be held with the organization of our school, project results will be transferred and the documents prepared will be distributed. E-mails will be sent to the hospitals, health professional chambers, health trade unions and to the related units of private polyclinics and the related institutes will be informed about the outcomes and results of our project. All the health institutes in the city and the districts will be contacted and they will be asked to publish the results of our project on their websites. We will contact Nursing at Home Organization and we will ask them to publish the outputs of our project on social media pages and internet pages. Therefore, we will enable more people to be informed about the topic and our project.

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