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Evaluation toolkit on seniors education to improve their quality of life
Start date: 01 Nov 2011,

Senior education has different objectives than younger ones. Seniors (citzens over 65 or retired) don't aim at professional goals when they attend to class, as opposite to younger students. Their objectives are more related to personal interests, sociability, adaptation and integration in present society, participation, active citizenship, and, mainly, improving their quality of life through a lifelong learning process. To increase seniors' Quality of Life becomes then the target to reach thanks to education.Senior education institutions shouldn't apply the methodology used to teach to younger students. A redesign of the methods, strategies and objectives is required in order to maximize the efficiency and impact of the socio-educational actuation offered to the elderly. Therefore, some kind of support is required for the educational institutions.In this project we will create two different complementary products. The first one will be a guide containing the basics of the senior education and different strategies to optimize the results of the educational institution that applies those concepts. The second product is a quality evaluation toolkit to measure the quality of the education process also proposing recommendations to increase the quality.The basics guide is addressed to institutions (managers, staff) and trainers (teachers) to allow them to use strategies specifically designed for seniors. The toolkit will cover the need of any educational institution for their own (or external) evaluation and will contain recommendations to improve any weak points identified. A dissemination plan aiming to influence decision-makers and to reach the academia (researchers) will be also an output.All educational institutions should worry about the quality of their results. We will provide a measurable evaluation tool with guidelines to better address seniors' needs.
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