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Evaluation Model for Teaching and Training Practice Competencies

The project aims to produce a model for the evaluation of teaching & training skills, across a range of courses and disciplines and in different European countries. A series of common principles will be developed for the evaluation and validation of teaching & training practice able to be adapted to different contexts. Project partners will initially prepare an inventory and undergo an analysis and evaluation of existing approaches, in each partner country, with specific regard to the evaluation of teaching & training practice and skills. Following this, the partnership will identify and agree the required core standards for assessing teaching and training skills. The agreed standards will be incorporated in a general model of teaching and training quality standards which will be developed by project partners at inter-regional meetings. Curricula content, incorporating evaluative methods for skills assessment, will also be developed by the project. A pilot phase will be undertaken leading to recommendations for development of the final model, to be launched as a training model for teaching and training practice that is able to be adapted to national context and to meet the needs of different user groups. The developed model will primarily be released in electronic format (CD-Rom, web-based) although printed matter will be made available where required. End results will be disseminated to a wide range of potential users, including policy makers and trade union representatives with a longer term aim being the embedding of project results into existing training curricula.
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