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Evaluation et valorisation des compétences non formelles, acquises par les jeunes dans un projet de mobilité internationale, au service de l'insertion socio-professionnelle
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project named "AKI" is dedicated to : "The assessment and recognition of non formal competences acquired by young people in the framework of mobility projects in order to serve their integration into society and employment". The AKI project gathers german, belgian and french major stakeholders : - l'Office Franco Allemand pour la Jeunesse (OFAJ)/Deutsch Französisches Jugendwerk - l'Office Franco-Québécois pour la Jeunesse (OFQJ) - l'Union Wallonne des Entreprises -l’Institut Supérieur de Formation Permanente (INSUP) INSUP, the coordinator, has been involved in European projects since 20 years and promotes the mobility policy of the Regional Council of Aquitaine. The partners focus on that : It is acknowledged that mobility experiences benefit to the young people. The formal competences as professional or language ones can be assessed thanks to a job description reference or to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). It is far more difficult to assess the non formal competences. Because of the current youth unemployment crisis in Europe, it is essential to help young people identifying and assessing the non formal competences acquired in mobility projects, to find a common vocabulary between the non formal education and the world of work, to match these skills with the transversal competences needed by the society and the employers to serve the integration of young people in society and employment. The partners’ aim is to gather mobility and non formal experts, young organisations and labour stakeholders in order to create a common guide of the non formal skills developed during an international mobility project by young people (aged 18-30 ) outside a school or university curricula and its guidelines tool (assesment kit). For information and without being exhaustive, the following skills and attitudes will be in the heart of the shared reflection : -social, personal, or organisation skills with a special focus on entrepreneurial ones, on resilience and curiosity. AKI tools will be tested by a cohort of young people participating in the partners’ mobility programmes. The partners use the Youthpass and Europass tools and think that AKI project fits into the same logic of recognition. They think that the AKI tools will have a possible link with the European one and will have this point on one of the transnational meeting agenda where experts from " the Training and Cooperation Salto Ressource Center" will be invited. The project innovation lies in : -the sharing of a recognition approach, assessment practices for non formal competences acquired in mobility projects between 3 European countries -the participation of labour stakeholders to exchange and to reflect on the non formal competences enabling access to employability and therefore bridging the gap between the society expectations and those of the working environment. -the experts’ participation from the Quebec branch (LOJIQ) of l’OFQJ for their expertise in non formal education. Expected results are : - The use of a common terminology for competences between the worlds of non formal education, labour and civil society -Transferability of competences between these worlds - A better definition of the non formal and transversal skills acquired in mobility - Sharing common tools for assessment and recognition of the skills acquired during mobility projects - A single modus operandi for assessment likely to be transfered to other European countries - A better visibility, understanding and recognition of the skills developed during a mobility project by the world of work. (companies, NGOs, associations) -The definition of competences to be used for an active citizenship - Tools to be shared by the young people, the tutors, the youth organisation, NGO’s, youth services, recruiters, human resources services…

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