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Evaluación y autoevaluación, esencia de buenas prácticas docentes
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context:Bendinat Secondary School is located in Mallorca, Spain. It has 1015 students and 106 teachers. It is a center with long experience in the design and development of European projects. Students are open to these kind of experiences, they have diverse family backgrounds and generally favorable to these experiences as well.Justification:We consider evaluation as a key element of the education system.After a thorough analysis of needs, it has been concluded that the school evaluation system needs to be improved. In addition, we want to promote self-evaluation as a tool to improve teaching practice. It is not given to evaluation the importance that it deserves and above all, they results from this evaluation process is not being reflected on and there are not improvements proposed.Our main objective is to use evaluation as a tool to improved, both results of teaching practice, with the ultimate goal of achieving educational improvement and progress in school success. Only in this way we will have a positive impact on the training of students. Evaluation has also to be adapted to deal with diversity.From the evaluation, there is a decision-making affecting the various fields of education, hence its importance. The systematization of the assessment in our school will improve our results, reduced school failure, improve teaching practice. Always with the conviction that "a good evaluation / self-assessment leads to quality improvement."The European dimension of this project will enable us to meet teaching practices related to this issue different from ours, with more experience in evaluation and self-assessment.Main objectives:- Promote, through self evaluation, improvement of education and school success.- To help our students to improve their performances and prevent school failure.- Identify the problems and identify possible solutions.- Develop methodologies for assessment by promoting best teaching practices. - To motivate students and teachers.- Be aware of the complexity of teaching.- Encourage the analysis of results and decision making from them.- Know and apply different assessment methods.- Promote impartial assessment and quality assessment.- Encouraging self-assessment at different levels (students, teachers, management team, organization, etc.) to reflect and become aware of the responsibilities, to detect correct and wrongs practices and establish improvement proposals.- Establish an evaluation systems that promote the improvement of our educational community.Participants: 9 teachers, selected according to the adequacy of their profile to this project, degree of involvement and motivation. Experience / training received, function that develops in the school will be taken into account to facilitate implementation of the project and ensure a greater impact and durability of the results.Activities: 2 job shadowings in Italy, 2 job shadowings in Sweden, 1 course in UK , 2 courses in Malta and 2 courses in Greece. These activities will be carried out over the first 12 months, to spend the rest of the project time on reflection, analysis, implementation and dissemination of learning in mobility.Methodology: Through job shadowings we hope to learn from two very different systems from ours, observe the use of different assessment tools, analyze their application and results. The selected courses cover various and broad topics related to assessment/evaluation , self-assessment and implementation. The methodology followed is the one proposed for each course.Finally, the participants will share their experiences with the rest of the educational community.Results and Impact: results that affect the whole center are expected, such as the improvement of the current evaluation system for preventing school failure and increase the motivation of both students and teachers. The objective is to achieve the greatest impact on the community from the experiences received by the participating teachers, we expect the widest dissemination and application in our educational community. There are various activities to disseminate the results of the project and they will be directed to our entire school community, to other schools and educational institutions, municipal institutions and, of course, to our partners and collaborators.Long-term benefits. The biggest indicator of success of this project will be the improvement of school success:- Improvementof the performance of the curriculum and teaching. - Consolidate self-evaluation as an instrument of education quality.- To contribute to the formation of reflective, self-critical, conscientious and critical citizens, capable of contributing to the improvement of society.
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