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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Dec 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Title: EV- STAR -Two Host Organisation : PROGETTO CITTA’ SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE Starting date : September 2014 (12 months) Location: Savona - Liguria - (Italy). Themes: Children, Youth Leisure. With this project will host 5 volunteers in a large apartment in the center of Savona. BACKGROUND: PROGETTO CITTA’ works in most sectors , with clients in the Province of Savona. It consists of about 170 members mostly women and young graduates, is deeply rooted in its territory and open to Europe . We think that our cooperative, which manages a total of sixty services distributed in the province, could represent a good opportunity for learning and skills acquisition for young European volunteers . OBJECTIVES : FIGHT YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT accepting youth volunteers waiting to employment, providing them with an opportunity to observe directly on field how we work , we propose and manage our services . PROMOTING YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP because the volunteers will be taken on a journey of our services through direct knowledge of the entrepreneurial formula of " social cooperation ." PROMOTE VOLUNTARY YOUTH AND EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP : giving young volunteers the opportunity to come into contact with other cultures, learn new languages , to work to improve our local community. NUMBER AND THE PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS : 1 - HAUKE BALL (GERMANY ) comes from a small town in northern Germany, near Hamburg, 20 years old , though young has already had several experiences of living abroad with other young volunteers. 2 - MARINA COSTA (SPAIN) is from Madrid , 27 years old , has been selected as one of the emails that we have received the application as it has a number of features suitable to our project 3 - JULIE FILLON (FRANCE ) comes from a country of Burgundy French, 24 years old , has been selected as one of the emails received on the basis of his experiences in the field of education and teaching language to children and young people. 4 - Cátia Silva Ramos ( PORTUGAL ) from Almada, 27 years old , he sent his CV as particularly interested in our project and motivated to live a long time . 5 - Veronika Böröndy ( HUNGARY ) is a Hungarian girl, 22 years old. He comes from a rural area, is eager to put into practice some of his artistic skills in working with children. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES : 1-SOCIO - EDUCATIONAL CENTER " LIBERI TUTTI " of Savona. Open from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 17.00 , you can find about twenty-five boys and girls aged between 6 and 14 years. Multimedia laboratories , language laboratories, music , sports activities , excursions, participation in artistic activities and events of the area. 2-SOCIO - EDUCATIONAL CENTER " CENTRO RAGAZZI " of Albisola . Open Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 18.00 . Accommodates 24 children 6-14 years. Some of them are foreigners or from difficult family backgrounds or with limited economic resources . Study support , audio and video workshops , music workshops , sport activities , excursions, artistic activities. 3- LUDOTECA " CAPPELLAIO MATTO " of Vado Ligure. Open from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 18.00 . Welcomes forty children between the ages of 6 and 14 years. Study support , audio and video workshops , music workshops , sports , theater , tours, artistic activities, laboratories for environmental protection . 4-NURSERY "CA DI PICCIN " Albisola and 5- " PICCOLE Birbe "of Quiliano (a ten minutes from Savona) Open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 17.00 . They can accommodate 24 children from 6 months to 3 years. lunch and numbness , art activities , music , psychomotor skills. SUMMER CAMPS : during the summer , the cooperative organizes several summer camps . Games and bathing , playing sports in the garden and gym , workshops ,organization of parties and support to educators during the trips and excursions in the area. METHODS TO BE USED FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE PROJECT: The learning method that we use is "learning by doing ", or put in a position to learn the volunteers in the field of the education. RESULTS AND IMPACT EXPECTED: increase the skills of the hosted volunteers (linguistic, technical, social ) and their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, participation in EVS from youth of the territory, institutions and associations involved , the creation of a regional pole incentive to youth mobility . POTENTIAL LONG TERM BENEFITS . Raising awareness of young people of Savona belonging to Europe and the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programme and growth of the cooperative in the reception of European volunteers.
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