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EUtropia – Mobility for an open Dialogue of Artistic Languages
Start date: Jul 1, 2011,

Having as a starting point the creation of a performance that travels from country to country and continuously evolves, about 250 young artists that live in 9 different European countries, collaborate by posing an open dialogue in performing, visual and audiovisual arts. Through this procedure, they contribute in the creation of a new shared expressive language that is based on the cultural heritage and modern influences of each, while bridging traditional and contemporary aesthetics.The project begins with a series of creative workshops with a common theme and goal. Young artists from diverse cultural and social backgrounds, approach the same work with different means, having as only starting point the various aesthetics and expressive languages. A team of professional managers, facilitators and artists will support and provide them with the necessary tools to achieve a supplementary collaboration between the variety of art forms and a harmonious coexistence between the diverse disciplines.The result of these workshops is a collective creation of high quality: a multidisciplinary performance that journeys around Europe and collects new stimuli, widening the horizons of expressions and establishing a field where rock, pop, modern, classic, traditional, hip-hop, fusion, ethnic, jazz, expressionism, realism, music, drama, dance and visual arts, are bound in an unconstrained composition.
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