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EuroVET dla uczniów ZSP 2 w Sieradzu
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

EuroVET project – dedicated to 30 ‘ZSP 2’ [upper-secondary school complex No 2] students in Sieradz – is the project aiming at a professional mobility internship in relevant companies.We assume ‘ZSP 2’ 3rd year students participation in three professional groups:- 10 students – logistics-technician specialist,- 10 students – nutrition and food service technician,- 10 students – hospitality technician.Participants will undergo a four-week, obligatory foreign-owned apprenticeship in Bolonia and Evora (which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List) from 01-26.05.2017. There will be 5 students (out of a given profession) in every city.Having diagnosed participants, we managed to identify the following needs (that are inscribed in our project/our project responds to):a) the need to acquire professional experience in professional foreign-owned companies,b) the need to improve language competencies,c) the need to increase a sense of independence and self-confidence in a new environment,d) the need to increase the level of tolerance and respect for other cultures as well as the need to preserve European values.Taking into account the aforementioned needs as well as the willingness to develop our school, we determined project’s main objectives in the following way:a) the equalization of chances on the European job market for 30 ‘ZSP 2’ students and the increase of their professional mobility,b) increase of the quality of education and methods of teaching through the offices of new international partnership with companies and organizations in the EU.Students will undergo a set of preparatory activities (cultural ones, language-oriented – i.e. the language of the apprenticeship – professional English, the language of the host country – i.e. Italian/Portuguese). It will enable them to achieve even better results and lead to the development of professional competencies.The project will lead to the increase of participants’ skills, knowledge and their professional competencies. It will contribute to their ability to communicate in foreign languages and ‘open’ them to a new set of experiences and cultures. As far as the school is concerned, new partnerships, improvements of teaching programs and acquiring skills necessary in organizing professional mobility projects will be obvious assets.It is vital to note that the number of huge employers is limited in our county. It has a negative influence on the employment situation of our alumni. As a result, they are frequently forced to seek jobs in other regions. This project will increase their mobility and the ability to find a job not only in other city but also in other country. Moreover, individuals who will decide to stay (abroad) will be able to introduce (observed) good practices in the companies they will work for. A transfer of local innovations will be enabled thanks to the above mentioned process. We do not think about advanced technologies but about ordinary techniques/methods of organization of working time or applied software in case of IT companies.The project will also have further consequences in a long-term perspective. Our county is located in a considerable distance from big cultural and scientific centers and therefore the number of foreigners is very tiny. We want to spread European values both locally and regionally through education and showing that the intercultural cooperation can bring outstanding results.
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