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EuroSkills: Dezvoltarea competențelor practice pentru profesioniști pe piata muncii
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

EuroSkills project initiative derives from the need to provide our future graduates the opportunity to gain a practical eperience useful in the hiring process, bringing a significant contribution to maintaining a low unemployment percent of the youth. The project’s goal is to develop the practical skills and competences necessary for the integration on the labour market of our students on the upper secondary level (grades XI-XII), technicians in the textile industry and construction plumbers. Our project has the following objectives: O.1. Developing general competences and practical skills allowing the future workers in the textile and constructions to achieve their professional duties (knitting, manufacturing, plumbing); O.2. Facilitating the transition from school to work and the integration on a competitive and selective local, national and European labor market; O.3. Improving communication skills in English, English and Spanish, also developing social and intercultural skills through contact with the language, customs and culture of another country in the EU; O.4. Building long-term partnerships that will provide our students the possibility of training / upgrade skills and competences in the chosen field of training and obtaining certifications recognized at European level. Through the project, 40 students (20/each qualification) will practice 90 hours of training within companies from Spain and Portugal, gaining a valuable practical experience and competences related to: - organization of technological processes for producing textile matterials; providing technical assistance and quality control; - interior and exterior installations, water and sanitary; merge processes and verification; construction of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems; maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems. During 2 years 4 flows of mobility will be organized as follows: flow 1: March 2016 (21 days), 10 students, textile technicians (Spain); flow 2: May 2016 (21 days), 10 students, constructions - plumber (Portugal); flow 3: March 2017 (21 days), 10 students, textile technicians (Spain); flow 4: May 2017 (21 days), 10 students, constructions - plumber (Portgual); The expected results are: - 40 students will acquire practical skills and competences in the textile and constructions (facilities) industry; - 40 students will acquire communication skills in English (the language of communication in the project), also Spanish/Portuguese language skills, social and intercultural aptitudes; - 4 teachers will actively exploit information (obtained during the internship) in the process of improving the school curriculum; - 1 guideline for practical work; - 40 internship portfolios; - 30 CDs with examples of good practice during the internship; - 4 articles in the local press; - 1 weblog page. The project will have a significant impact on students and on our institution, contributing to: - developing practical skills and competences of students in training related technologies spinning, weaving, knitting, execution and maintenance of water and sanitation facilities, ventilation and conditioning; - improving communication and language skills, also the technical vocabulary to help students achieving the tasks, in their future job. - developing social skills, networking and intercultural through contact with members of the host organization, members of the companies where they will be placed, with the local community; - active exploitation of the information obtained during the internship through integration in the school curriculum; - increasing the prestige of our school within the local community, attracting a greater number of students, reduceing absenteeism and dropout.
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